Peek of the Week

Oct. 17-21


We have successfully completed our first 9 weeks! Congratulations to both you and your students for working hard and persevering until the very end. I hope you take a breath this weekend and celebrate your students achievements! We are so very proud of the growth and gains that each student has made.

This week, report cards will come home on Thursday. If you elected for electronic delivery, they will be made available on Thursday. If you requested printed copies, we will send those home Thursday as well.

Have a fabulous week!

What Going on in Class?

In reading, we have just begun digging into different types of nonfiction texts. We will practice analyzing, discussing and interpreting text features, author's purpose and various other elements of nonfiction texts.

In writing, we will begin crafting our own realistic fiction stories.

In math, we'll continue multipying with whole numbers, decimals and fractions.

In science, we will wrap up our unit on matter and begin studying force and motion.

In social studies, we will begin discussing the early English settlements of Jamestown, Roanoke and Plymouth. We will also begin locating and labeling 12 additional states on our U.S. map.

Science/Math Assignments

Due This Week:

Oct. 21st- Math Packet #7 due

Due Next Week:

Oct. 24th- Science Packet due (will be handed out on the 17th)

ELA/SS Assignments

Due This Week:

Oct. 21st: Social Studies Ch. 6 Reading Further page (will be sent home Tuesday, Oct. 18th)

Due Next Week:

Oct. 28th: Spelling Homework and Test #5

What's Going on Around School?

Donuts with Dad will be on Thursday and Friday, depending on your last name. I know the kiddos are looking forward to having Dad eat breakfast with them this week! There's still time to turn in the reservation form, so send that Monday if you haven't already.

Scholastic Book Fair begins this week!! The kids were able to make their wish lists on Friday, so keep an eye out for those. They're able to shop with you before and after school.

Character Corner

Word of the Month - Citizenship

Word of the Week - Self-control