Livonia Warriors

FIRST Robotic Competition Team 2732 Livonia, Michigan

Welcome Warriors!

Summertime, and the living is BUSY! We'd like to take a few moments from our schedule to welcome new Warrior students and parents to the Livonia Warrior family. If it seems like things are really jumping, you're right! Summer is a busy season for robotics. Please log on to Google Drive, and sign up for events and activities. There is much to do, and we need everyone to lend a hand. Just jump in right where you are--it will be great!

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Livonia Warriors Victorious!

History was made at the Michigan Advanced Robotics Competition (MARC) in Monroe, Michigan in July. After ending our first day of competitions in 1st (yes, first!) place, we ended our elimination rounds with a very respectable 4th place ranking with a 7-2-1 record.

Together with FRC Teams 1023 The Bedford Express; 1918 The NC Gears; and 245 The AdamBots, the Livonia Warriors were able to lead the third alliance to victory, capturing Team 2832's first competition win!

If this feat weren't enough, our team leader, Ms. Carlini, received the Mentor of the Year Award! These monumental events are hopefully signs of what's to come! Gear Up!

Say Hello to our Sponsors

Thank you to those businesses and groups who support the Livonia Warriors. Our team depends on your team! Please help us thank those who support us so generously:
Visionary Sponsors:
  • AISIN Technical Center of America, Inc.
  • DENSO International America, Inc.
  • Livonia Public Schools


  • H. M. White, LLC
  • RCO Technologies, LLC
  • Promotional Concepts
  • Albert Kahn Associates, Inc
  • Sidock Group, Inc.
In Kind Sponsors:
  • Lawton Productions
  • Alpha Steel Treating Inc.

Squad Spotlight: Imagery Crew

If you don't look good, we don't look good! The Imagery Crew presents the Livonia Warriors to the public. They work with Parent Boosters to help increase awareness and support of our team in the community, including creating newletters, PR, and social media. Oh, and the Imagery Team makes sure the robot looks good, too! Come play with us!