Upton Sinclair The Muckraker

Early Life

Upton Sinclair was born on September 20 1878. He was born in Baltimore Maryland. his dad was a liquor salesmen. Upton Sinclair disliked alcohol. As he was growing up, Upton's family moved frequently as his father was not successful in his career. He Graduated in 1897 and studied for a time at Columbia university.

What makes him progressive?

He used his books as his voice. He used his books to show what was wrong with the cities. he wrote over 100 books.

Major accomplishments

Upton Sinclair wrote over 100 books! He wrote the book into the jungle which discusses all the problems with the big city's.

The Jungle

This is the famous book that Upton Sinclair wrote.


This is a famous quote that Upton Sinclair had said.


This is a picture of Upton Sinclair.

Why did i research him?

I researched him because I wanted to see if he did anything else famous. I wanted to see what else he did. I liked how his books were his voice