Invisible People

By: Michelle Salerno

Invisibility Source 1

This source is about 4 people that are tested to see if they would notice their loved ones disguised as homeless people. This was a test to see if they would notice that their family members were the ones on the street dressed up like they are homeless. It is amazing the way people don’t even look at the homeless families that are on the streets. They don’t even look long enough to figure out that it is their family that is playing someone being homeless. Once they figure out that it was their family members sitting on the streets it breaks their hearts that they wouldn't even notice it.
People Walk Past Loved Ones Disguised As Homeless On The Street Social Experiment

Invisibility Source 2

This is an experiment that tested to see if people would pay attention to a poor, sick little boy even though he was an actor it still looked real. The way people treat this young little boy is heart breaking. Some people don’t even acknowledge that he is there.

Invisibility Source 3

The video that Hunter Hayes put together perfectly shows how people can be treated by other people and also how bad people treat the ones that they love. The way that people treat others that they love is really sad. Even the way your friends would treat you. Sometimes even your own mother and father don't care if you starve, or are sad.
Hunter Hayes - "Invisible" [Official Music Video]