Edward Arlington Robinson

Jacob Montgomery

Life of Edward Arlington Robinson

  • Born in Lincoln County, Maine on December 22, 1869 to Mary and Edward Robinson

  • Him and his family moved into the S.W. Bates house in September 1870

  • As a boy Edward was a shy and quiet child that was utterly fascinated by the sounds of words

  • After high school he attended Harvard College where his intellectual interests and his circle of friends broadened.

  • His brothers, Dean and Herman, pursued careers in medicine and business

Facts About Edward

  • Back in Gardiner, Robinson formed a small poetry and philosophy group called the Quadruped Club where he often read drafts of his poems.

  • In 1896 he self-published his first book, The Torrent and the Night Before

  • After graduating from Harvard, Robinson left to live in New York where he suffered from poverty and alcoholism

  • In 1922 he received his first Pulitzer Prize, followed by two more in 1925 and 1928.

  • In 1904, his fortune started to turn. Kermit Roosevelt, then a student at Groton School, gave his father, Theodore Roosevelt, then president of the United States, a copy of The Children of the Night.

Some of his Famous Poems


Lancelot a Poem

The Man Who Died Twice

Edward's Death Bed

  • Robinson died of cancer on April 6, 1935 in the New York Hospital in New York City

  • .Robinson’s ashes were returned to Gardiner, and shortly before their interment in the Palmer-Robinson plot in the Oak Grove Cemetery, pressed blossoms from the loves of his life, Emma Robinson and Rosalind Richards, were sealed within the urn.