by Sergio Vasquez and Eli Cantu

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about the picture above

The picture above is showing the symbol OPEC uses as their logo and spells it initials also.

summary of OPEC

organization of petroleum exporting countries is an organisation founded in 1960 that supplies oil to countries depending on the market price.OPEC in 2011 had 12 countries they supplied some including Venezuela,Kuwait,Iraq,and Iran. Many countries hold a vast majority of crude oil also and OPEC helps distribute it.OPEC is connected to some gas company's so they both work together to see about how much oil and gas prices are going and how much they should sell their oil.

terms and defenitions

market price- the price given when sold in a giving market.

distribute- give an equal share to many people/organizations.

vast majority- a great number of something.

exporting- sending goods or services to another countrie for money.