Should athletes play football?

The reason why young athletes shouldn't play football.

Football Crisis

Playing football can ruin young athletes lives. Young athletes should not play football because they can get some severe brain diseases by blowing to people's heads and they can have some long lasting issues such as mental issues which could lead to suicide, and other life risking issues.

When football athletes are playing football they are making the wrong decision. They don’t know the effects of football. The constant banging into people's heads can cause many brain diseases and can also cause many long lasting issues which could lead to death. One example of a brain disease is Chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. According to the article Should you let your kid play football? “Research shows that even one concussion can cause long-lasting issues, Gorgens says. One study, published in the journal Neurology in July, found that right after a concussion, study participants performed 25 percent worse on memory and cognition tests when compared to healthy people. And one year later, even though test scores were the same between both groups, those who had a concussion still showed signs of brain damage on imaging scans.” This example explains that students grades have declined due to their concussions. But before they got their concussions they aced their academics.

To sum it all up, young athletes should not play football.If they do play football they will face many risks like brain disease and long lasting mental issues. If they continue to play football after a concussion it could lead to death. So athletes shouldn't play football it can ruin their lives and prevent them from reaching their life goals.