Casey Stengel

by:Gavin Mcleod

childhood and as a grown up

Casey Stengel was a great man but also a good child but he was forced to live in a moderately middle class Neighborhood with his parents Louis and Jennie stengel.Then later Casey Stengel groo up and went to central High school he then went to play baseball. but then got bored and went to western dental collage to studie Dentastry.Then went back to baseball in 1909 but then quit again and decided to serve for the U.S. navy in world war 1.

grown up

his life

Casey Stengel then quit and went back to baseball and was a manager for the minor leage teams and then went to the major leage teams. But then the day came casey stengel then died on september 29th, 1975 people then said casey stengel was most rememberd for his type of understandig and Always loving baseball.