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Off to a flying start..... keep it up!

It was great to see our students so settled last week. Thank-you you did a great job but please don't be fooled into thinking - that's it. We all know that our students look for the weak spots to zero in on. When you are tired, indecisive, unplanned, unsure - watch them take advantage and leave you to wrestle back what was never intended. In our school it is not about being a step ahead but being leaps ahead. We all need to be sure of how we want life to be in our school and we need to work actively to make it a reality.

Just some little things to work on

  • cornerstones, cornerstones, cornerstones
  • inside voices vs outside voices
  • exiting classrooms calmly
  • picking rubbish up off the floor before home time

This week is a big one, we begin facilitated planning, specialist areas for the students and we have parent/teacher interviews. Pace yourself and use your time wisely. Keep building relationships with your students and get them on side with you. If you can take the time to do this now, it might save you grief later on.

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From the handbook .....

I thought I was OK, but I have just vomited and now its too late (after 6.40am) to ring Robyn. What do I do?

Well there is no point in being brave and then spreading your germs around the staffroom and through your class because no-one is going to thank you for that little present. Get on the phone and ring or message Denise K. You should have her number on speed-dial in your phone.

If however you are up all night, you need to set the alarm for 6.30am and ring Robyn - the second phone # set to speed-dial in your phone! She prefers calls the night before but we all know that this is not always possible. If you have contacted Robyn, you need to txt DK so that she know's what is happening. All other rules apply such as Dr certificates after 2 days.... or before/after a public holiday.... before/after school holidays.

If you have facilitated planning, best to call DK as there is no sense in hiring someone if there is no need.

Refer: Staff Handbook p1

What else....

  • Not 100% sure but the retaining wall near the canteen is supposed to be getting fixed this week. if that is the case, we will move our assembly area back to the second court for as long as it takes. Icy-poles will be sold from in front of Cooinda.
  • If you are in the building, please walk your children out at the end of the day. This achieves two things - it cuts down the noise and the mad rush and it also makes you available to parents for those 1 minute conversations.
  • At the opposite end of the day, your job in the morning is to settle the children, not to get caught up in 1 minute (that always blows out to 2) conversations with parents. Best to move efficiently up and down your line - if you are a Prep teacher try to shoo the parents off the line...good luck with that!
  • Parent teacher interviews - your opportunity to get information from the parents rather than give it. If you find this difficult to do, organise some starters.... What would you like to see...., how do you think I can best support.....tell me about....
  • Tony Richards is here this Thursday to work with our children and also our parents at 7.30pm. You are very welcome to attend - Tony is always very informative and has good sound advice for anyone - parent or not.

Cheerful and happy - what every good teacher should be.