1/3 people are overweight.

will you be healthy?

Research Questions

  1. What are some benefits from a Healthy Lifestyle?

  2. What is considered a ¨Healthy Lifestyle¨

3. How can you have a Healthy Lifestyle?

4. Why are people so concerned to have a Healthy Lifestyle?

5. How could a Healthy Lifestyle improve your mood?
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summary research.

Healthy lifestyles are important because it’s is a benefit in our lives. While visiting the website Healthy Generation it stated that ¨Nearly 1 in 3 young people is overweight or obese,¨ That is a huge number that really affects everyone. So many of those kids are unable to fully live a healthy lifestyle. I found how kids be healthier from the website Healthy Kids, reminded me that, ¨With good food habits and daily physical activity you will be well on your way to a healthy life.¨ If these overweight children did this they would be in less harm. I know this because the website .better health said that, ¨Overweight children can face many difficulties. They may feel different from other children, which can affect their confidence. They can also be subjected to bullying from other children.¨ So without a healthy lifestyle it causing more problems in these kids daily lives. But there is a soultion for people to have a healthier life. Eating healthy foods, and having more physical activity, will help everyone have a longer, and better life.