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Weekly Newsletter 7/5/19

Upcoming Events:

Saturday Gardening

Saturday, July 6th, 7:30am

Saint Michael's Vegetable Garden

Beat the heat with an early start time!

Personal Planter Boxes

For those that manage individual planter boxes, please check your broad leaf plants for bad insects & treat accordingly. We currently have an assortment of "bad bugs" lurking in the garden.

Southern Corn Rootworm/ Cucumber Beetle

Click the link below for more info on this pesky bug!

Recommended Vegetable Cultivars For North Central Texas

Great info on planting dates. Click link below!
Shout out to Marco Molinar for providing us with the links above! Thank you for finding and sharing this info. :)

Photo Gallery

So many weeds were pulled that the tractor had to be used to haul them off!!

Big picture

This week's photos & captions provided by Helen Bradley.

Have photos to send us? Text them to 817-360-5856 (Katharine) or email to

Oops! Name correction

This photo from last week is of Mary & Peggy! :)

As always, if you notice an error in the newsletter please let us know!

Big picture

Need Urgent Assistance?

Contact the Vegetable Garden Ministry Leaders:

  • Bill Collins 817-832-2448 OR
  • Weldon Norman 817-360-1035