Hebrew and Judiacs Newsletter


December 7th-December 14th, 2015


The one and only א (ALEPH)

We have learned the most famous letter in the Aleph-Bet, א (aleph). Aleph is different from the other letters we have learned because...א is silent unless it has a vowel. Here are some very important and interesting א words.

Red Ah-dom אדום

Lion Ar-yeh אריה

Mom E-mah אמא

Dad Ah-ba אבּא

Food Oh-chel אכל

Spring Ah-vev אביב

Letter (in a word) Oh-t אות

The letter ו (vav)

Vav makes a "v" sound, and looks like a ורד (vered:rose) It has a bud on the top and a thin stem. The following are the ו (vav) words that we learned.

Pink Va-roh-d ורוד

Forever Va-ed ועד

Curtain Ve-lon וילון

Rose Veh-red ורד

The mitzvah of Kibud Av V'Em (Honoring your mother and father)

This week we focused on the mitzvah of honoring your parents. We discussed that it is a commandment and that it can mean grandma or grandpa too. In addition, we spoke about the ways we fulfill this mitzvah now, as well as how we can in the future.

Amazing Chanukah Party

Thank you so much, תודה רבה, for all your help and participation in our Chanukah party. It was so nice celebrating the holiday as a kehilah (community).

Shabbat Shalom! !

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