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Important Information regarding Public Speaking

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I need to enroll in COMM 119, which section do I enroll in?

The CALS section of COMM 119 will be Section 002-LEC Monday 3:00PM - 3:50PM. The discussion section will be Section 002A Wednesday and Friday 11:00AM - 11:50AM.

Note: This is the only section for CALS students at this time. Once the course is full, it will close and there will be no wait list. Another section may be opened at a later time and we will let you know as soon as we find out.

DO NOT contact the Communication Department. They will not put you on a wait list, enroll you in a non CALS section or add you to the course. The CALS capacity for this course is 25 students.
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Help! I need COMM 119 to graduate


1. Enroll in COMM 119 for Summer 2015
2. Wait to enroll in COMM 119 for Spring 2016
3. Take Public Speaking equivalent at Community College
4. Take Public Speaking equivalent at another institution

What is the course equivalent of public speaking at Pima Community College?

SPE 110 is equivalent to COMM 119. This course is offered summer and fall 2015.

Please go to the class schedule to see the current open courses.

Course equivalent of public speaking at Rio Solado Community College

COMM 255 (Online) is the equivalent to COMM 119.

Please go to the class schedule to see the current open courses.

I want to take Public Speaking at a different community college or out or state

If you are looking into transferring a public speaking course from an Arizona community college, please visit AZ transfer to check for course equivalency. This will inform you if the course you have chosen is equivalent or if it will count only as COMM elective credit.



If you are looking into transferring a public speaking course from an out of state institution there will be additional steps required.

1. Please email nscadvising@email.arizona.edu with the Syllabi for the course. The course will be evaluated within 2 business days.

2. The second step is to make sure the school is accredited and the U of A can accept the credit. Please visit the links provided to view the process. Then fill out the appropriate form and take it to the Admin Building, Room 210.


3. If the U of A will accept the credit and the course is deemed equivalent, please sign up for the course and send in your official transcripts to the U of A after the course has been completed. In order for coursework to transfer, you must earn a 'C' or better.

Email nscadvising@email.arizona.edu with any questions.

Click here to schedule an appointment today!

You will be directed to Wise Advising. Here you can view availability, schedule an appointment, and see walk-in hours. If you are unable to view the calendar through Wise Advising, please try opening it in a different web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

COMM 119 is full, what should I do? Please contact your academic advisior to discuss individual questions and concerns. We will work with you to figure out a plan.