All The Broken Pieces

By: Ann E. Burg


In the book "All the Broken Pieces" by Ann E. Burg, Matt is still haunted from what was going on in Vietnam. As a kid, he was brought out of Vietnam by a helicopter, and brought to the United States, due to war. He left behind his parents and brother in the war zone. He finds it easy to heal through baseball, but he still has flashbacks to Vietnam, and his family.

Quote From the Book

Its no wonder,
the soldiers are broken

Dad says
when they left, they were
high school heroes
stars of the football team.
Now look at them-
hobbling on crutches
rolling themselves
in wheelchairs
while people throw things-
rotten apples,
angry words

Even though the soldiers fought for their country they were looked down upon. People thought of them as trash, but Matt thought of them as heroes for rescuing him from Vietnam.


A stirring debut - Booklist
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