Freedom of Speech

Having dress code at school

4 Finger Rule

I think that the 4 finger rule is unfair. One reason is that people have different finger sizes. Like Alexus has a bigger sized fingers than me so she could wear shorter short than me because I have smaller fingers.

Shirt dress code

Dress code for the shirts students wear is also unfair. Teacher say that you must wear a 4 finger or more shirt. I disagree. This year at Liberty they said that it was 3 fingers and then when I go and wear a 3 finger shirt, I get dress coded for it. When I show them its 3 fingers then they measure it and the say that it's not 3 fingers to them.

Well like I said the have bigger and fatter fingers than me. So obviously it is going to be out of dress code, because of different finger sizes.

Dress code in general

The schools should make dress code fair for everyone. LIke I said before, people have different sized fingers so it really isn't fair for everyone. I protest against it because they just aren't fair.