Floating Terror

The Portuguese Man Of War/ By Declan Schmidt


Can you image being face to face with the floating Portuguese Man Of War? This Jelly like creature has an interesting appearance, habitat, and diet. Overall this animal is really amazing, and this is why.


This 600 million year old specie is very interesting and there is so much to learn about it. These were just some facts on the Portuguese Man Of War. Overall I think this floating monster is one of my favorite animals from the deep sea.

Word Wall

This word wall will teach you many good names of this Creature
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Comic Strip

This comic strip will increase you knowledge on the Portuguese Man Of Wars Venom
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This video will help show you how these unique creature act under water.
Portugese Manowar

Go Fish

The theme of my fish tank is mostly original and plane with very colorful fish. Lyretail Anthias, Lemon Peel Angel, Strawberry dottyback, Red scooter blenny and the Carpenter Flasher Wrasse are the different types of fish I have chosen. I spent $245.22 on my aquarium. To support my exotic fish I have 20 gallons of water in the tank. The tank is filled with very plain rocks and a couple plants.Also I have a rock with a special hiding spot for the fish to sleep. This is how I set up my aquarium and I hope you can firmly imagine this unique exotic fish tank.
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This diorama has a Portuguese man Of War, Sword fish, jelly fish, coral, sea anemone, sea turtle, star fish, and the angel fish.
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