Citizenship Award

Citizenship takes on a new meaning!

Mrs L. Is awarded the inaugural Hillcrest Citizenship Award

In a private ceremony attended by an exclusive group of Hillcrest teachers, this afternoon Mrs Tanya Litwinczuk was awarded the much coveted inaugural Citizenship award. Although competition was fierce and many emails were exchanged throughout the afternoon, Mrs L. cemented her victory with a memorable and eloquent speech on the merits of the place and space of Geography; namely Citizenship, in the Hillcrest Early Years curriculum.

Yet another victory!

Mrs L. lovingly known as Mrs Elf by the Kindy children will take her seat (yes, the pink cushioned design thank you Sue) in the Hillcrest Water Closet of Fame!

It is also rumored she won first place at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod for her moving rendition of 'There's a red back on the new pink toilet seat'. Her back up singers Mike Collins and Todd Parkes are said to have played a large factor in her victory.

What a day it has been for you Mrs L.

NOTE: no elves or toilet seats have been harmed in the making of this flyer :)

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