Spanish 2 - Week 12/13 Update

Sra. Odom - Spring 2016

Progress Reports

Progress Reports were due and should've come out again this past week! The reports were sent to schools/ELAs for distribution. ELAs, please make sure to give them to your students/parents. Remember, Quarter 1 has passed and we are now in Quarter 2. The grades that will be included on this progress report will include all assignments completed and graded in Quarter 2. Since many had spring break, 0s weren't inputted prior to this last progress report, so students could catch up. If students are behind, they need to catch up ASAP, so that missing assignments don't stay as 0s. If you have any questions about the progress report grades, individual grades and/or feedback, please let me know! Keep reading below for reminders for student success!

Week 13 Assignments Due

Students should be done with ALL assignments through Unit 6, as they are past due. If not, they should catch up ASAP! Please see below for what's DUE this week:

Unidad 7 - De Compras

  • **Unidad 7 - Required Live Class** - (during week 13 or week 14)

  • Lección 1

    • _____ Práctica de Vocabulario

    • _____ Actividades de Vocabulario

    • _____ Prueba de Vocabulario

    • _____ Práctica de Gramática

    • (_____ Actividad Suplementaria ~ BBC Mi Vida Loca: Episodio 17)

  • Lección 2

    • _____ Práctica de Vocabulario

    • _____ Actividades de Vocabulario

    • _____ Prueba de Vocabulario

    • _____ Práctica de Gramática

    • _____ Escribir

    • _____ Hablar

    • (_____ Actividad Suplementaria ~ BBC Mi Vida Loca: Episodio 21)

This week's RLC Schedule

Unit 7:

  • Sun, 4/10 @ 7 pm
  • Mon, 4/11 @ 5:15 pm
  • Mon, 4/11 @ 7 pm
  • Wed, 4/13 @ 7 pm
  • Wed, 4/13 @ 8 pm
  • Thurs, 4/14 @ 8:30 pm

Extra Credit: Culture Cafe sessions this week!

For students who want extra credit, there will be TWO Culture Cafe sessions this week:

  • Tues, 4/12 @ 7 pm (Japanese Origami)
  • Thurs, 4/14 @ 8:30 pm (Ancient Arabic Souks)

Classroom Guest link:

Log in as participant with no password. Please type your first and last name.

Look at our upcoming sessions at (

Keys to Students' Success

The main keys to being successful are:

  • completing all assignments (*well and on time*) (using the Schedule of Assignments), reading the announcements/learning block daily, checking/reading messages daily
  • going through the direct instruction and practice as slow as needed to understand the material
  • taking/studying notes, reviewing the grades/feedback for all assignments to see what was missed and why
  • attending the required live classes
  • asking questions when something doesn't make sense and/or more explanation/practice is needed

In addition, to me being available to tutor the whole group in the RLC's, students can set up one-on-one tutoring sessions with me, as needed. NCVPS has a Peer Tutoring Center that is also available to students for Quick Questions, Virtual Buddies, and more. World Language and Culture Club sessions are also offered for extra credit! (See the Culture Cafe section of the course for more info.)

Students who need help

Students are required to attend Required Live Classes throughout the course (at least one per unit/module), which is a virtual classroom environment that allows for complete interaction with the teacher and other students. As such, questions are often answered in these sessions. However, if/when a student needs additional help, he/she should first ask me, the teacher. If I'm not available and it's a quick question, he/should should take advantage of the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center's Quick Questions via BB IM. If more serious content tutoring/remediation is needed, the student/s can request one-on-one tutoring with me and/or a peer tutor. If a student is weary, nervous, and/or conscientious about taking the class online, he/she can request a Virtual Buddy from the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center for moral support, technical assistance, and more. See the video below for complete details on the PTC (information is located in the course as well).
Do your computers meet the NCVPS Tech. Requirements?

Click here to see the most up-to-date list. Please note that students should have a headset w/ microphone OR a computer with built-in speakers and microphone.

Click here for NCVPS Virtual Support/Help Desk!

The NCVPS Virtual Support Center is available for technical assistance (for which I cannot do/help). They can be reached via phone during business hours or any time via Help Desk ticket.