Please Stop Laughing At Me

The Main Details About The Book


"Please Stop Laughing At Me" is a book by Jodee Blanco. Jodee tells us her lifelong story of being bullied. In elementary school, things went wrong and she was beginning to be bullied. No matter where Jodee went, she was depressed with bullying. Her parents knew she needed help. Then she met three people that made her feel loved. Twenty years passed and everything was good. At a school reunion, Jodee wondered if her classmates remembered all the bullying. She was scared. The only thing she could say was, "The bullies never remember, but the outcasts never forget" (page 163).

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Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco is the main character of the book. Jodee's personality was up lifting and she was happy and caring, but not until all the kids at school started bullying her. Her personality was then depressed and unhappy. She had a habit for standing up for what was right (which is a good thing). She would help people, but was bullied for doing it. She just really wanted to be in the "popular crowd." Jodee's physical attributes included that (from the book) her hair was messy and she had a weird body structure and she liked a lot of stuff that other people thought was weird or different. But what this means is that she is different compared to everyone else. Her friends (from Santorini) were Niko, Yorgos, and Vangelle. They were always close. She was also friends with Callie, Debbie, A.J., Jacklyn, Jo Ellen, Emily, Jim, Sam, Rickie, Robbie, Greg, Jason, Kim, Reese, and Paul before they started to bully her. She also stayed pretty good friends with Andre, Mitch, Annie, Bill, Dave, Dino, and David. Her parents' names were not really spoken of in the book, but Jodee just referred to them as mom and dad. The good thing is that she had overcame all those obstacles. A quote that helps support this analysis is, "The weight I've been carrying inside me for so long has been lifted" (page 268).


I would have to say that Jodee was facing a character vs. character conflict. I think this because with herself as a character, she is facing her classmates and friends (as another character) with bullying. They bullied her in very bad ways (emotional, physically, etc.). The problem that Jodee is facing is that she has to deal with her classmates, everyday, bullying her. It seems like they are doing it for no good reason. (From the text as an example) Jo Ellen and the rest of the people who put Jodee down were bullying her because she was different and for doing what was right (like helping the special needs girl, Marianne). The way that Jodee resolves this conflict is by not letting those people get to her. She knows that she is perfect the way she is and that she should forgive them and not let someone else destroy her life. A good quote that fits this idea is, "I slowly open my eyes and smile at my former classmates sitting before me. I can finally forgive them . . . and myself" (page 268).


A good theme to fit this book is that - if someone is putting you down and just being mean and evil to you for no reason what so ever, don't let them get to you. Keep fighting to have hope that there are people that will help you to get you through the problem. Stay strong. The message that people can take from this is that no matter if your different and people are bullying you, don't worry about it. God made you the way you are for a reason. Express that in a good way. Who cares what other people think. You need hope that there is someone out there that appreciates you, and as a matter of fact, there is.

Textual Evidence

One of the most powerful parts in "Please Stop Laughing At Me" is when Jodee actually forgave her classmates for bullying her. She knew that she couldn't keep the hatred she had on them. Like before, the word that really jumped off the page for me was forgiveness. It is important because even though all those kids bullied Jodee and put her down, she still forgave them for the years and years of pain that they caused her. That is actually kind of hard to do and that is why it is important. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, "These people held me up when I needed them the most and I thank God for them" (page 268). I think this is a very meaningful quote because it is stating that even though Jodee was bullied and hurt, she still had people to call upon for help and protection.

Book Review

I would have to give "Please Stop Laughing At Me" 4 stars out of 5 stars. I give it this rating because this book gives a really powerful message about bullying and how it is not a good thing. I really liked this book and how it was a true story with true events that happened to give other people an incite on how cruel people can be. I also thought it was cool that she showed us that you can overcome obstacles, like bullying, by just having people that you love and having hope to get you through hard times.

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