Textile Industry

Then and Now


Textile industry started in the 1700's. It is primarily concerned with the design and production of yarn, clothing and their distribution. John Kay's is the first person to introduce the flying shuttle that increase the productivity of weavers.

Impact on Great Britain

  • People used to work in either agriculture or as skilled craft man. This textile industry created a job opportunity.
  • Great Britain had the Calico Act, where they stopped trading with India because their price for clothing was expensive.
  • The government Invested in science and technology to develop tools that benefit the textile industry.
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Impact on the World

  • It created job opportunities for people who are not in the textile industry
  • It created global trading (between China and Great Britain
  • Great Britain won economic and political control of India, which open a door to China to trade with the cheaper market (Great Britain).

Impact on Modern World

Textile engineering today is shattering decades- old stereotypes of a labor intensive, factory- based industry in which men and women toiled over looms and spinning jacks.
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