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Edgemont Junior High

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Calendar of Events

October 11 - No School - School Improvement Day

October 13/14 - State Testing - English Language Arts

October 15 - Interim Progress Report #1

October 20/21 - State Testing - Math

October 22 - Early Release Day

October 27 - State Testing - Science

October 28 - PSAT for 9th Grade

Transportation Delays

In recent days, you and your child may have been directly impacted by missing or extremely late bus routes. The reason for this is a lack of bus drivers is our district and across the state. When regular drivers are out or there is a heavy activity day, we do not have a pool of extra drivers to fill the added duties. As a result, several runs have been delayed or even cancelled. Please know that our district will continue to notify families when that occurs.

In the meantime, our teachers will continue to update their Schoology pages in the event that students miss class due to these delays. Additionally, if a bus route is late to pick up students in the afternoon, we will provide a location on campus where they can be supervised.

It is highly encouraged that families create contingency plans in the event that a bus doesn't arrive or you receive notification that it will be late. We know that this is not always possible due to family and work obligations.

Interim Progress Reports

We are approaching our first interim progress report of the year on October 15th. This means that teachers will be assigning grades based on work done from the beginning of the school year. These grades will be posted in Home Access Center. In the meantime, you can always check Schoology for the most up to date grades in each class. If you are unsure as to how to navigate this platform, you can check the Schoology resource page at this link.

State Assessments

Since we had a limited number of in-person school days during the 202-21 school year, we were not able to administer our normal state assessments known as the SBA and WCAS (Science). As a result, we have been asked to administer these tests in the fall and then again in the spring. Here is our plan for the fall:

  • October 4th -8th - Math and ELA teachers will be giving the SBA practice tests
  • October 13-14 - Students will take the SBA in ELA classes
  • October 20-21 - Students will take the SBA in math class
  • October 27 - 6th and 9th graders will take the WCAS in science class

Athletics Calendar

Please check ArbiterLive for all of our fall sports schedules at EJH and PHS. You can access the site using this link.

Drug/Alcohol Prevention Information

Build a Meaningful Drug-Free Life

You can support your drug treatment and protect yourself from relapse by having activities and interests that provide meaning to your life. It’s important to be involved in things that you enjoy, that make you feel needed, and add meaning to your life. When your life is filled with rewarding activities and a sense of purpose, your addiction will lose its appeal.

Pick up an old hobby or try a new one. Do things that challenge your creativity and spark your imagination—something you’ve always wanted to try. Learn a musical instrument, a foreign language, or try a new sport.

Adopt a pet. Yes, pets are a responsibility, but caring for an animal makes you feel loved and needed. Pets can also get you out of the house for exercise.

Spend time in nature. Take a scenic hike, go fishing or camping, or enjoy regular walks in a park.

Enjoy the arts. Visit a museum, go to a concert or a play, take an art class or write a memoir.

Get involved in your community. Replace your addiction with drug-free groups and activities. Volunteer, become active in your church or faith community, or join a local club or neighborhood group.

Set meaningful goals. Having goals to work toward and something to look forward to can be powerful antidotes to drug addiction. It doesn’t matter what the goals are, just that they are important to you.

Look after your health. Regular exercise, adequate sleep, and healthy eating habits help you keep your energy levels up and your stress levels down. The more you can stay healthy and feel good, the easier it will be to stay sober.

Professional help for drug treatment and recovery

Use the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator , call the SAMHSA helpline at 1-800-662-4357, Get One-on-One Help to Address Your Child’s Substance Use, or call the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids helpline at 1-855-378-4373.

Overcoming Drug Addiction - HelpGuide.org

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