How to become...A Basketball Player

By: Sydney Chong


Some people would think or say that basketball is a boys sport. Girls can play too! My article is all about the steps and tips of how to become a basketball player. I chose this topic because I like to play basketball and I’m good at it.o prove all those people wrong that say girls can’t play basketball. I would say that I am a 7.5-10 at basketball. (10 being the greatest) Basketball is a fun sport for me to play and whenever I play my stress is relieved!

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Life after Middle School

For my last two years of middle school I am going to try out for the basketball team. Play for Game time gym when basketball season is over or if I don't make the team.

Hopefully I will make the team. Then for High School I will try out for the team. When you want to play any sport you need to make sure to keep your grades up!! When your grades go down you can't play at games. Hopefully play for all four years and then get a scholarship for Davidson college. Once I hopefully get into Davidson I'll play for all four years while I attend Davidson.


A college I have thought about going to is Davidson College because my Basketball role model went there, Stephen Curry. Stephen Curry went to Davidson College, and the coaches for all sports at Davidson are wonderful. Bob McKillop has been coaching men's basketball for the past 25 years, and Bob coached Curry when he played at Davidson. And then play professional basketball for WNBA. A team that I would want to play on Atlanta Dream.

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Day to Day life of a Basketball Player

A day to day life of a basketball player is busy. First you wake up pretty early and pack a bag full of all your practice things you nee, including: your basketball shoes, team elites, practice jersey, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, and earbuds plus a phone charger. Then you go and eat a little breakfast and maybe make a protein shake. Then, you go to practice!! Practice is harder some days than others but each practice you make it thorough knowing that the next game you will improve. You also need to stay confident no matter what sport you're playing. If you play for school and you're not currently getting a lot of playing time then be those teammates that stay confident and cheer on anyone on their team.

Professionals in the Field

Stephen Curry is my basketball role model. He is super good and plays for the Golden State Warriors. He was drafted for the Golden State Warriors in 2009. The first year or second he took the Golden State Warriors to the championships after 40 years. Dell Curry, Stephen Curry’s dad is a former NBA player, and was/is a huge, huge role model for Stephen Curry. Dell was so busy with basketball when Stephen Curry and his brother were little that they were born in Ohio but grew up in North Carolina. Stephen's older brother Seth Curry is also an NBA player. The Curry brothers just played each other and when Golden State was in the lead by about 18 points Stephen Curry was taken out of the game and was cheering on his brother the whole time he was on the bench. Warriors ended up winning, but Stephen showed so much love to his brother and his team the Sacramento Kings.
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I think that my article proves that anyone can do anything that they put there mind to. That no matter what gender you are, you are great at any sport if you try your hardest. Stephen Curry is a great NBA player and has proved himself to many coaches and to Golden State that he is a great teammate for his own team and to others especially when he plays his brother. He is someone I look up to in basketball and I think many other people do to.

Davidson College has great coaches for many of their sports and does their best to teach the best. Bob McKillop has coached many NBA players including Stephen Curry. Don't ever do anything just because someone else told you you can't. Prove them wrong and show those type of people that anyone can do anything if they try there best." Play what you want to play, and do what you want to do." - Sydney Chong