The Virginia Colony

By:Lauryn Semoe


Today,we will be going back to the Colonial times in Virginia.And we will learn about three interesting topics that you won't want to forget.This paragraph is about,Virginia and we will learn about the things that they did in Virginia or,what had happened in Virginia.There are things in this paragraph that will surprise you.Love sports?This is the right place for you!Virginians were very fond of sports.They played all sorts of interesting games.Do you think it sounds odd that there is a fort in Virginia called Jamestown?Well I do.Lastly,I think that you will be amazed by how the Virginians in colonial times,used to do things.Virginia in colonial times was,awesome!


In Virginia,by the late 1600's there were already estates,large ones.All of the families of the great wealth had already gained their riches not only by growing tobacco,but by being good successful merchants.In the mid 1700's yeoman farm families still comprised the great majority of Virginia's population.There were very few really poor white people in Virginia.Although,there were less indentured servants in the 1700's than the century before,young men and women still paid passages to America by working as servants for a certain number of years.There were few or less Catholics or Jews in the colonial Virginia,but a lot of kinds of Protestants.Did you know that Virginians were very fond of sports?Let's look what types of sports they played!

Games and Sports

Virginians were very fond of sports,they were different than those that played in England.They particularly liked games that they could gamble on,kind of like horse racing.Only upper classes were allowed to bet,so horse racing became a game of wealthy for years.Wealthy people hunted deer,the middle groups went for fox and rabbits,poor people killed birds.It was referred to as the "blood sport," it was also encouraged in the young people too.In addition to hunting,children of middle groups often played games familiar in the modern times,kind of like puzzles,cards,hoops,and ninepins.(Ninepins is just like bowling just with nine pins.)Did you know that,there was a fort in Virginia called Jamestown?Well let's have a look.

A Fort in Virginia Called Jamestown

Settlers of Jamestown once started to find open land,and cut down trees for logs so they can build a fort with a palisade around it.The palisade of the fort,was a tall fence made out of logs stood on the end and fastened together with absolutely no open spaces in between.The whole fort was in a shape of a triangle with the widest side towards the river.The fort had a strong gate in the middle of that side.At the top of each point of the triangle fort the settlers set a small cannon there,and there were small entrances under each cannon.Jamestown settlers built their fort in a triangular shape.The triangle enclosed almost and about an acre of ground,and there was room inside of it for few small houses built of logs,and roofed with some mud and some thratch,it was made of rushes or reeds.Did you know that there was a fort in Virginia called Jamestown?Well I didn't.


Virginia was a very cool place to be in at colonial times,I really wish I would have been there.How about you?It was thus,in April of 1607,when three small ships landed at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.The ships were the Susan Constant,the Discovery,and the Godspeed,and those ships had been sent from England by a business called,London Company.Virginians were fond of hunting as a sport.And all of the different groups hunted for a different game.When the Jamestown settlers were being close to being done the fort they,cleared some land,then planted some English Wheat,the fort was finished by middle of June.I hope that you learned a lot of different and cool things about Virginia,I also hoped you liked this article.


Estate-All the things that a person owns.

Ninepins-A bowling game resembling Tenpins played without the head pin.

Palisade-A high fence made of pointed stakes that was used in the past to protect a building or area.

Yeoman-A farmer in the past who owned a small amount of land.


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