Pacific Blob

By: Jonathan Lee

Basic Info. & Description

The Pacific Blob is basically a set of three large areas within the Pacific Ocean that is warmer by an average of 5.5 degrees than the rest of the Pacific Ocean. Supposedly it is responsible for the weird and unusual weather patters that we have had here in the US as of the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. It was first observed in June of 2014 and it has grown a thousand miles since that point.

Extended Info.

The Blob is now stretched to 1000 miles wide in each direction at a specific point and it is now 300 ft deep. The Blob is also responsible for the drought that Washington State, Oregon, and California has experienced this year. As the air cycles around the warm air, it heats up, which causes drier conditions inland. The Blob has also been disrupting the natural habitats of many different sea creatures in their ecosystems. Many different species of fish have been discovered in locations that they shouldn't be. Tropical Sharks for instance have went way off their usual migratory courses and have been spotted in higher latitudes than usual.