Great Sand Dunes National Park

Biggest sand box


The Great Sand Dunes are very special. The whole size is about 39 square miles. The size of the sand dunes are 101 square kilometers. The Great Sand Dunes is a sandy place. There are tons of dunes and cool animals too.

Where Is It?

The Great Sand Dunes National Park is located in the amazing state of Colorado. Also near by are the Rocky Mountains and you can come visit the Zapata Falls or the Wildlife Refuges.

What Can We Do Here?

You can do lots of things at the Great Sand Dunes. You can hike up and down the dunes. Also if you get a free permit, you are able to camp over night. You could go horse back riding and ride all over the sand dunes or play in the sand with some cool sand boards or sand sleds to go down the dunes. You can also go swimming in one of the many rivers. Another thing you can do is visit the visitor center. A fun thing for kids is that they can become Junior Rangers

What Do I Need To Know?

Before you come you should know that you can bring your pets but you can only bring them in the early morning or late at night so their feet wont hurt from the hot sand. If your'e staying over night there are lots of places to stay near the Great Sand Dunes. You can stay at the Pinyon Flats Campground, Medano Pass Primitive Road Camp Sites, Oasis Campground, or the Great Sand Dunes Lodge. In the winter, it's cold and in the summer it's hot. The Great Sand Dunes are open all year long, the dunes are open 24 hours a day and the visitor center is open from 9 to 5 everyday. The days it's free are on January 21, April 22 to 26, August 25, September 28, and November 9 to 11. Also, it's 3 dollars per adult 16 and up

Is There any History?

At the Great Sand Dunes there is lots of history. The Ute indians first found the park 600 years ago. People think that because there is so much sand it was once underwater other people think that theres so many trees next to the dunes that it was never underwater. The Great Sand Dunes became a park in 1920. There's a river that's Spanish and its called Sangre de Cristo and in English its called Blood of Christ and its called that because the Spanish people were very religious.

Are There any Cool Animals?

There are tons of cool animals and there are lots of cool and interesting insects too. The famous animal is the Kangaroo Rat which is kind of like mice but much, much cuter. There are cool insects too. They are the Great Sand Dunes Tiger beetles, Sand crickets, and carmel crickets. Two of those insects can' be found anywhere else on earth and they are the Great Sand Dunes Tiger beetles and the carmel crickets.

Are There any Major Rivers?

There are a few major rivers. They are Sangre de Cristo, Rio Grande, and Medano Creek. Some of the major rivers are Spanish because the Spanish people named the rivers when the explored the park a long long time ago.

Are There any Important plants Here?

There are many important plants here like the Indian rice grass, the blowout grass, the scruffy pea, and the yellow prairie sunflowers. None of them are really native to the area but the indian rice grass is because it is named after the indians that came long ago.