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April 2021, Volume 3, Number 7

Students: Sign up for LYNX Experiences!

April LYNX Experiences are posted in the FHS LYNX Schoology Group. Calendars can be found in the "Quick Links" and "Partnerships" folders.

Upcoming events:

April 7: Careers in Early Childhood Education - Part I

April 14: techfrederick - Careers in Technology and Computer Science

April 21: Careers in Early Childhood Education - Part II

April 22: Earth Day 2021 - Speaker Panel and LYNX Experience

April 26: Careers in Animal Care

April 29: Beyond the Lab - Using Scientific Knowledge in a Variety of Careers

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FHS Seniors Complete LYNX Academy of Health Professions!

LYNX Scholars Joel Jimenez and Chris Celarie completed certifications through the LYNX Academy of Health Professions! They shared: “It’s been a long and exciting journey, but we’re excited to get out into the workforce and contribute as CNAs and GNAs!”
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Frederick Businesses Continue to Support FHS Students Through LYNX!

ASL Students Attend First "Hybrid" LYNX Experience!

LYNX Scholars participated in the first "Hybrid" LYNX Experience on Thursday March 4th! Students from Cohort B participated in person while all other students participated virtually.

Mrs. Babb and Mrs. DeLameter shared their passion for American Sign Language (ASL) and how to become an ASL interpreter. One student commented that "everything" about this presentation and career "was interesting!"

Maryland National Guard Provides "Virtual" LYNX Experience

LYNX scholars met virtually with SSG Hirschmann from the Maryland National Guard to explore and discuss educational and career opportunities available to Guard members.

Face-to-Face Learning Lab at FHS is Back!

Media Center - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (12:30-1:30)

Students attending FHS as part of Cohort A or Cohort B have the option to sign up for Learning Lab on the days they attend school:

Students must sign up by 10:00 a.m. on the day they plan to attend.

A maximum of 20 students per day may attend Learning Lab in the media center.

  • Students attending Learning Lab must enter the media center by 12:35 pm.
  • LYNX staff will assign seating following social distancing requirements.
  • Students must work on class assignments or assessments until 1:30 pm.

The media center closes at the 1:30 pm bell.

All students report to the cafeteria for supper and bus service.

Students may sign out before 1:30 pm if they are car riders/walkers.

**The Virtual Learning Lab is also accessible for tutoring beginning at 3:00 pm daily.

Virtual Learning Lab - Daily at 3:00 pm!

Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) is LIVE DAILY at 3:00 pm! VLL provides students with access to teachers and advocates for academic support. Students can find the FHS Learning Lab under the "Groups" tab in their Schoology.

All FHS students (grades 9-12) can log in to the Virtual Learning Lab for academic support in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and CTE. Support for Special Education students and English Learners is available during all sessions. Students can also meet with a LYNX Advocate during this time!

Fast Fact

LYNX Transportation and LYNX Supper are available to block 5 students and students participating in face-to-face Learning Lab at FHS on their cohort day!

LYNX supper is served from 1:30-2:00 pm in the FHS cafeteria.

LYNX buses depart FHS at 2:00 pm for students engaging in academic learning.

Questions about LYNX? Email:

Follow us on Social Media! @LYNXFHS

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