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Giving Students Choices

BYOD/1:1 classrooms can provide teachers with the ability to give their students choices when assigning projects. Every student may not have the same apps as their classmates, so instead of requiring the students to use a particular app or website, why not give them a choice? You will find that student engagement and creativity will increase when students are given the freedom to use different tools to deliver content.

Here are three examples of a project about President John F. Kennedy. The examples contain the same content, however, the information is presented in a different format in each project.






Create professional-looking online flyers that can be used by students and teachers for a variety of activities. This easy to use website has a pricing structure that needs to be considered before you begin. The free version allows you to create 5 flyers per month. The paid Educator version gives you unlimited flyers and has several educational backgrounds.

Smore User Guide
How to Use Smore
Directions for a Class Using Smore to Create Reports
Student Directions for Creating a Smore Space Project


Pause Before You Post

Trading Cards by ReadWriteThink

Let's Play Bingo!

Open on your device.

Click the Free Space

Click the answers to the problems as they are called out.

Shout Bingo if you win!


Thinglink makes pictures interactive with text, images, videos and links and will work on any device.

Class Example

Quadratic Functions Example

26+ Ways to Use ThinkLink in the Classroom


Tellagami (free) allows you to create and share quick animated videos called Gamis.
Tellagami EDU ($4.99) - Worth the price!

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