Team Tuttle August Newsletter

Let's first start with some recognition!

These designers all had over $1,000 in pv:

Katherine Mitchell, Kathy Pardee, Shana Rodgers, Jeanie Jordan, Heather Cole, Ana Valdivia, Paula McCoy-Hatfield, Stephanny Estrada, Maria Delcampo, Rafaela Rios, Pam Hudgins, Carmen Josephine Monti, Tiffany Mitcham, Amy Olson, Raina Conner, Steffany Golfarb, Sandy Gast & Kimberly Parker, Cindy Berg, Heather Kannard, Pamela Daetwyler, Jennifer Piskorowski, Vanessa Raikes, Candace Nguyen, Kelly Rozell, Carrie Johnson, Kim Thomason, Haley Auxier, Natalie Moneiro, and Joanna & Rilea Heidebrecht!

These designers all had over $2,000 in pv:

Janice Nork- $2001

Renata Cabral- $2168

Kati McGuire- $2574

Sandi-Rose Smith- $2777

Our top pv earner was Aimee Johnson with $4076 in pv for August! Way to go Aimee!


Congrats to these designers who added to their owl family! These are either new designers or re-enrolled designers:

2 designers- Lora, Skylar, and Erin Schott, Paula McCoy-Hatfield, Adrienne St. Jean and Mattea Callahan, Daniela Amaral, Denice Willis, Haley Auxier, Janice Nork, Lindsay Rodden, Steffany Goldfarb.

3 designers- Lindsay Witmer and Edith Carrearas

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Happy Owlversary!

These designers are celebrating 3 years with Origami Owl this month:

Joanna Shipp, Karen McCravy, Jackie Price, Catherine Pembleton, Amy Homan, Krista Chambers, Lisa Johnson, Tonya Petit, Alicia Lehman, Cindy Houser, Cecilia Baker!

These designers are celebrating 2 years with Origami Owl this month:

Detria Watson, Michelle Baker, Kelli Ryan, Nancy Holt, Amanda Burge, Shannon Meyer, Tracey Wells, Jennifer Byrd, Krystal Niemczura, Arelis Rodriguez, Megan Raber, Jenifer Childs, Caroline Perciavalle, Kelly Alvstad, Georgia Beach, Gretchen Mixa, Jenna Robinson, Jennifer Meador, Nicole Malec, Ellen Browning, Jane Kreidel, Kaylee Kortenhov, Laura & Elizabeth Pittman, Lauren Juhl, Pam & Megan Osborn, Martha Cothron, Emily Barlow, Tara Haney, Ann Krider, Lynne Budd, Jerra Klicker, Laura Garrison, Holly Miller, Eileen Arbulu, Laurie Defiore, Brenna Martinez, Krystle McCrackin, Christine Kowske, Kathleen Chmura, Loraine Rife, Sandra Cooper, Melissa Mazzarella, Misty McCoy, Robert & Eveline Reiner, Savanna Harrison, Savannah Diamond, Katarzyna Prokopiak, Kelly Klauder, Diana Caple, Joanna & Rilea Heidebrecht, Carree Williams, Dawn Ellen Ferry, Keli Rogers, Susan Whitt, Miriam Fulton, Yolonda Harshbarger, Cyndi Upshaw, Jonelle R, Jamie Ragas, Jamie Taylor, Thalia Steffen, Tifany Hammond, Stacey Isom, Ursula Newcomb, Rebecca McGilliard, Sarah Thompson, Rebecca Ford, Rosana Betancourt, Suzanne Eley, Alexandra Barker, Allison Byerly, Virginia Sannes, Melissa Gomez, Cristina Queiroz, Michele Hofmann, Chianta Sheffield Grant, Ronda Striplin, Kelly Mahon

These designers are celebrating 1 year with Origami Owl this month:

Nicki Trask, Doreen Tremblay, Jennifer Loyko, Debra Coleby, Judy Richardson, Kristina Perry, Lyndsay Murray, Michelle Martin, Nadine Melara, Shelby Barger, Kendra Foutch, Maria Novontny, Cheryl Davis, Nancy Perez, Catherine Gaston, Tammy Volner, Lara Costa, Flavia Ferraz, Laurie Jassenoff, Pam Fachting, Rosie Ortiz, Miranda Boyd, Staci Hebert, Krista Tankoano, Melva Villaona, Miriam Rogers, Amy Hernandez, Kelly Richardson, Laurie Durbin, Kristin Leconte, Cheri Pride, Pam Hudgins, Tyana Suriano, Daphne, Hubbard, Rebecca Drawdy, Susan Sosa, Megan Phelan, Kathie Malkinson, Cassie Rafferty, Stephanie Esposito, Elizabeth Michel, Colleen Johnson, Ashley Copeland, Cindy Jones

My O2 Rewards

So what the heck is this?

My O2 Rewards is an exciting new rewards program that focuses on consistency within your O2 business. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3- sales, sponsoring, and developing leaders. Practice these three business-building essentials-whether you are a part-time or a full-time designer-and you will get rewarded for your success!

Jump start your 4th quarter! Here are some tools to help get you rolling!

As you know, we are coming into our busy season! That is a great thing after a slower summer! Please utilize as many resources as you can to find vendor events. These shows are a great way to expand your customer base. Remember, at these events, scheduling jewelry bars is your #1 goal, then offering the opportunity, THEN sales. You do not need a full inventory to participate in vendor shows, although you will probably sell more at the event itself. Where to find shows? Google, newspapers, word of mouth, sites like ($50 a year for membership). Don't forget the power of one. It only takes one person, one jewelry bar, or one event to get your business rolling for the fall!

New September Customer Gift With Purchase!

Get your online customers jazzed about this gift with purchase! Here is the rack card and faq's
I want to thank everyone for all their hard work! Remember, your business won't thrive unless you put forth effort. Come outside of your comfort zone because that's where change and growth happens.
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Kristen Tuttle