The Check-in!

MHHS Library Newsletter Vol. 2 Issue 8


Essential Library Vocabulary

"availability" - where can I find this book? is it print or digital?

"MHHS" - Mission Hills High School, location means the book is available in print on campus

"Sora" - online eBook platform, go to to access

"Sora achievements" - reading books in Sora will earn you achievements; we will include what achievements you could earn by reading this title in Sora

"SMUSD" - San Marcos Unified School District (original library in Sora)

"SDCL" - San Diego County Library system (add this library to your Sora account for access)

"Serra" - Serra Library Cooperative (add this library to your Sora account for access)

"reading level" - reading levels are broken down by grade levels

"Lexile measure" - listed when available, from the Lexile Framework for Reading, lexiles measure of a text's readability - best used in conjunction with a student's Lexile reader measurement, visit for more information

"call number" - used to locate print books in our stacks; using the Dewey Decimal System, a call number is the number on the book's spine that shows where in the stacks you may find it; fiction call numbers start with "FIC" and end with the first three letters of the author's last name; nonfiction call numbers use decimals from 000.000 to 999.999 to classify by subject, ex: 741.5, followed by the first three letters of the first author's last name.

"genre" - what kind of book is it? fiction or nonfiction? YA or children's? fantasy or science fiction? biography or memoir?

"graphic novel" - a novel in comic-strip format

"sci-fi" - short for "science fiction"