Classical Conversations

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CC 2016-2017

It's official - we'll be meeting next year on Mondays at the Donelson Church of Christ
(2706 Old Lebanon Rd.).

I am so very thankful to have that uncertainty resolved, but I am also extremely aware that this means we have families in our community who now need to think and work through complex decisions and logistics. I also know that it's just a big change! I will continue to be in prayer for all of us!

Foundations/Essentials: The deadline for registering for 2016-2017 will be the end of this month.

That means that you can turn your paperwork in when we get back from break on 2/24, or you can mail it to me, if you like (2700 Overhill Circle Nashville, TN 37214).

If we have any spaces remaining, I'll open them to families who are not currently enrolled on March 1, so they can make plans for next year, too!

Challenge A: Brian plans to continue to be at CC in the afternoons for the remainder of the year. Feel free to grab him if you want to discuss, or you can email him directly at He'll be holding a Windows into Challenge program (the equivalent of a Foundations/Essentials Information Meeting) in late February or early March. These are helpful for both those folks with children who are Ch A age, and for those with younger children who just want a better idea of what the whole Challenge program is all about, so we'll get that info out as soon as the date and location are set.

The registration forms can be found on CC's website under the "Classical" tab. If you have questions or run into any problems, just let me know!

Symphony and Snow Tomorrow

Please watch your email in the morning if you are planning to attend the symphony. If they cancel, I'll notify everyone as soon as I receive word (they will email field trip coordinators). A Metro snow day does not mean an automatic cancellation. Although the majority of the children that attend are from Metro schools, there are plenty from other counties and private schools, so they may decide to go on with the show if they feel that the main roads and areas downtown are navigable.

More general information about this field trip (a duplicate of the email I sent earlier this week) is below.

Standardized Testing Registration is Open!

For those of you wanting to test your children this year, registration for doing so at HCC is now open! Information can be found here. Testing is open to the public, so you are welcome to spread the word to other homeschool friends looking for a testing location.

2016 Parent Practicum

Parent Practicum will be here before you know it! This year’s theme is “Navigating History: The Art of Argumentation.” We will be exploring classical education as well as sharing ideas for teaching history and debate to students of all ages.There is more general info here.

Donelson Church of Christ will host the practicum for our area this summer. Dates have not been finalized, but will probably be July 18-20 or July 25-27, if you'd like to pencil that on your calendars. I'll let you know for certain as soon as we've locked the dates in!

Six Flags Read to Succeed Program

Six Flags offers a reading program for K-6 graders. The deadline to register AND log your student's hours is March 1. The reward for completing your reading is a free ticket to Six Flags, so it's a great deal if you plan to go to Atlanta (or somewhere else with a Six Flags park) this year. You can register your child and log their hours here.

Blessing Hermitage Church of Christ

Although we won't be at HCC next year, let's show them how much we appreciate their hosting us for 4 years! They have been tremendously hospitable to homeschool groups in general (drama, sports, etc.), and that is something that will continue to be a blessing to the larger homeschool community in years to come. Here's a note from Twylla Foust and Abby Simms about our plan for showing them how thankful we are:

Hello Parents!

As you know, we have been warmly welcomed at Hermitage Church of Christ for the past few years. They have blessed us in many ways and we would like to show them our appreciation and bless them in return. After discussing some possible needs/wants with Laura Beth, we have decided to ask each of our CC families to prayerfully consider giving to a group gift. We are not setting an amount and we are not requiring everyone to participate, but if you can, please do. With a group our size, we estimate that we could potentially bring in enough to get the church a Home Depot gift card AND possibly bless each person who works in the office with a personal gift card (perhaps for a dinner out with their spouse), OR another option may be to cater a lunch for the office staff. Our goal is to accomplish two of these tasks for them. The final outcome will be determined by how much comes in. Let's show the staff of HCC that their kindness toward us is appreciated.

You can bring your donation this week February 10th, the week after break February 24th or March 2nd. Please place all money in Twylla Foust's file in the plastic box that Laura Beth brings each week.

Box Tops for Education Spring Deadline

The deadline for filing our box tops for this spring is quickly approaching, so please bring any that you have collected and put them in Mandy Garcia's folder. We'll continue to collect them, of course, but any that are turned in after February will have to go into our first submission for next year. Thanks, everyone!

Help Wanted Weeks 19-24: Orchestra!

Beginning on March 2, we'll have a six-week period during which we'll be learning about the Orchestra. We'll focus on a different instrument family for 4 of those weeks, and I would love to know who in our group (or it could be a dad, grandparent or friend, if they're available) plays an instrument that they would be willing to bring in to show for a few minutes during Assembly on one of those weeks. Please let me know in person or email me!

Foundations to Challenge Connections

This week, our children studied the great Renaissance artist Michelangelo. They will

revisit him again in Cycle 2 Foundations memory work. Then, in Challenge II, students

will look at the Renaissance in depth during their Western Cultural History seminar. They will study specific works of Michelangelo and learn about his influence on artists who came after him. Learning about the art and music of the Western world is an important part of a classical education. If we want students to truly know and love truth, goodness,and beauty, we must present them with objects of beauty. Michelangelo’s art sets a standard of beauty and illuminates stories from Scripture.

UPCOMING EVENT INFO BELOW (repeat from last email)

Thursday, February 11: "Wonderful Woodwinds" at the Symphony

There are still spots available for this week's field trip to the symphony to learn about "Wonderful Woodwinds!" We'll learn about the flute, clarinet, oboe, and the rest of the gang with the help of Beethoven, Ravel, Grieg, Sousa and more. You can RSVP on the Rallyhood calendar. If we happen to go over our allotted 48 seats, I'm happy to contact them and see if we can bring more folks.

A couple of tips if you're attending this week:

  1. The performance begins at 10:15, but they ask that everyone arrive at least 20 minutes early to allow time to be seated.
  2. Homeschool groups can check in (IN THE WEST ATRIUM) and be seated as they arrive, so A) we don't have to wait for everyone to arrive to be seated, B) they seat the best seats first, so arriving earlier is better than arriving later, and C) if you want to sit with someone you know, you need to coordinate your arrival, because saving seats is incredibly inconvenient for the folks doing the seating (and depending on their mood, they may not allow it at all.
  3. The most convenient and best-priced parking this past time appeared to be in the Pinnacle building parking garage. You can see a map of its location here, as well as info about parking rates. Most folks paid about $6 last time.
  4. FAQs provided by the Symphony are here.

The symphony provides curriculum to accompany each performance. You can access the curriculum for this performance here.

You can access any of the music mentioned in the guides via NAXOS for free. To access the streaming playlists for the lesson plans, visit and login using this information:

Username: NashvilleYPC

Password: NashvilleYPC

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Friday, February 12: Wild Turkey Federation Convention

Cost: Free

Location: Opryland Hotel Ryman Hall B3

You may arrive at your leisure (hall is open 9 am - 7 pm). Each family needs to print their own teacher's pass, which you can download here.

Students will have the opportunity to:

· Meet wildlife, forestry and natural resource experts & professionals from state and federal wildlife agencies to learn what these organizations do and the career opportunities they provide.

· Learn how wild turkeys and a variety of other wildlife communicate (do you know wild turkeys make approximately 27 sounds besides the famous “gobble”?!) by talking turkey with a two time national gobbling champion.

· Learn why the wild turkey (and other wildlife) nearly went extinct and how wildlife agencies and sportsmen have brought them back to numbers worth strutting about!

· Learn about wild turkey biology, habitat, management and restoration in Tennessee.

· Meet and learn about the habitats, behaviors, life cycles and adaptations of a variety of interesting animals from the Nashville Zoo.

· Enjoy meeting raptors through Birds of Prey presentations by TN State Parks and learn about the unique role these animals play in the food chain.

· Learn how the USDA Forest Service manages our forests to keep them healthy, prevent wildfires and provide quality habitat by using prescribed fire and other management tools.

· Learn why it is important to conserve and manage our natural resources wisely, through one of the greatest wildlife conservation success stories of all time – the return of the wild turkey!

· Learn how the NWTF works with state and federal wildlife agencies to enhance wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities for the whole family on public and private lands.

· Meet outdoor celebrities who are eager to share their expertise and passion for the outdoors with others.

· Learn about available outdoor recreational experiences for the whole family in and around TN.

· Enjoy expert instruction & opportunities through hands-on archery, air guns, and more!


  • The zoo is typically there earlier in the day. I don't have a schedule for this year, but if seeing whatever zoo animals might be there is important to you, come earlier rather than later (I'd suggest you arrive by 10:00).
  • It is typically more crowded earlier, because traditional schools that attend will come earlier and leave around lunch time. If you'd prefer to navigate a less-crowded convention hall, come later.
  • Park in the back of the mall parking lot near the hotel and walk over to the hotel if you want to park for free.
  • You can also bring a lunch in, if you like (or snacks). Otherwise, there will be a concession area (which typically has normal concession food - pizza, chicken strips, etc.).
  • It's a perfect environment for a stroller, if you want or need to bring one.

Coming Up Friday 2/26: Memory Master Drill Session

Parents and kiddos who are working to master Cycle 1 (in its entirety or just a subject or two) are invited to meet-up in the Fellowship hall at HCC at 9:30 on Friday February 26. Here's what to expect:

  • Moms who attend will be assigned a subject (bring your Foundations guides or review cards!).
  • Children will be given a "passport" page.
  • Moms will split up into different classrooms and areas.
  • Children will rotate through to available subject stations where moms will ask them 24 weeks of a subject (if a child isn't trying to master all subjects, they can just rotate to the selection of ones they are).
  • We will mark the passports so children can see which weeks they need to continue to work on.
  • If your child (or you) are nervous about "Proofing" for Memory Master, this is a great opportunity to have a trial run to deal with the butterflies.
  • Younger siblings are welcome. They can either hang with mom, accompany a buddy from station to station or grab a passport and proof some on their own.
  • Please arrive by 9:30. We'll have a brief meeting first, but want to get started proofing by 9:45 in order to get everyone through quickly and be done by lunchtime.

March 4 Field Trip: Museum of Natural History

Cost: $2-$5 donation per person

Awesome opportunity to see and learn about rocks and fossils!! Our tour is at 1:00 unless we have over 30 attending, and then we have a second slot reserved for 3:00. More information and RSVP on the Rallyhood calendar.

Creating the Museum of Natural History is an ongoing project. More information available on the Rallyhood calendar and on their website.

Community Calendar

You can access the Calendar here to see what's coming up or to RSVP to upcoming events.


Please remember to post photos in the "Gallery" on Rallyhood, so we'll have a great selection for our yearbook and end of the year slideshow. You can do this via the web or the Rallyhood app.