Narnia News: White witch DEAD!

4 children Peter,Susan,Edmund,Lucy battles with Aslan.


The 4 children escaped London because of World War 2. Coming to the professer's home they thought they could do everything. There was a few of maids and a house keeper. The children did not like these people except professer. In the big house they played hide and seek. To Lucy's surprise there was a room just with a wardrobe.

Later Lucy and Edmund find Narnia but the others Peter and Susan don't believe in them until they have talk with the professer. Everyone is happy until Edmund goes missing and they all know that Edmund had betrayed and had gone to tell the White witch everything about the meeting with Aslan.

The big battle!

The everlasting snow now is gone. Spring came with the beautiful flowers. As Aslan let the witch kill him which saved Edmund because he was the White witch's minion. But a twist happened as Aslan came back to life. He went to save the frozen statues that the witch had frozen. A group of animals,giants whoever had been frozen before helped Aslan to win the battle with the witch. After Aslan won, the children had gone back to the professer as kings and queens in Narnia.They noticed they were only gone for a second.
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