Jake Wexler

Partner of Madam Hoo.

The Podiatrist

I am a podiatrist\father\bookie in the book called "Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin.
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My Internal conflict

Is when I am fighting with Grace and I am impacting my family.
Podiatry Song

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlSrGQgxoAc The Podiatry Song

This represents me because I am a very skilled podiatrist. Also, Podiatry keeps me on my toes!

See The Real Me

"How about spareribs done to a crisp," Hoo suggested; then he lowered his voice. " What`s the point spread on the packers game?"

"See me later," Jake muttered.

"Go ahead and tell him, daddy," Turtle said. " I know your a bookie." [P:90]

This represents me because in the beginning of the book a random person was labeled " A Bookie". Now where finding out that I am the bookie so I was the random person labeled as a bookie. It also shows that I have a strong bond with my daughter by telling her a secret that could get me in jail.

My Marriage

" Whatever became of that fun-loving woman I married, what was her name--Gracie Windklopple?"

Grace quickly looked around to see if anyone had overheard that ugly name, but they were in the elevator, alone. " Oh, I know what people think," she complained. " Poor Jake Wexler, good guy, everybody's friend, married to that uppity would-be decorator. Well, Angela's not going to have to scrip and save to make ands meet; she's going to marry a real doctor. I'll see to that.[P:157-158]

This shows that at moments I have a very deep connection with my wife. however, sometimes they might not be the best conversations.