What is it and whats required?

Neurosurgery is the practice of medical operations, dealing with the brain, spinal column, and nervous system. Such as Scoliosis, brain tumors, aneurysms, etc.
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Education and the process

Four year bachelor degree majoring in a science, such as biology, health science, etc.

Medical school above 3.5 GPA

1 Year of internship in a hospital

6-8 years residency- in which you will learn how to become a surgeon, then later how to become a neurosurgeon.

State board exam to determine certification

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Leadership skills

hard working

good hand skills

calm nerves

steady hands


UNC Chapel Hill

Duke University

USC Keck University



NC- 200-300 thousand per year

CA- 600-700 thousand per year

SC-170-300 thousand per year

Job Growth

Has a 24.4% job 10 year job growth