What is Pertussis/Whooping Cough?

Pertussis: What it is....

Pertussis is a bacterial respiratory infection. When a person first gets in may seem like you have a cold. During this stage it's the most contagious. The next stage of pertussis is when you feel miserable. Your cough gets worse and you can vomit and feel out of breath. Pertussis can cause severe coughing that makes a whoop noise. Pertussis can last for a very long time and can lead to other infections. In between episodes of coughing you may feel completely normal.

Interesting fact: During a coughing episode you can cough so hard you injure a rib!

Pertussis in babies....

Pertussis or whooping cough in babies is very dangerous. Whooping cough is a bacteria respiratory infection that causes violent coughing. It's a very serious condition and may seem like a cold in it's first stages. A week or so later the cold symptoms will go away and the cough will become or severe. Coughing episodes will come more frequently. Pertussis is most dangerous in young children and babies. Babies can choke and stop breathing if this happens call 911 immediately. Getting treatment is crucial because when babies get whooping cough it can lead to other infections.