OPES Environmental Club Newsletter

September 29, 2014

Thursday, October 2nd

We are looking forward to another meeting this Thursday afternoon! We will learn about the following:

1. What is DHEC's Breathe Better B2 Program?

"Breathe Better is an anti-idling/clean air campaign. The goal is to protect the health of children by reducing harmful vehicle emissions around school campuses." Students will learn about air pollution and develop strategies and solutions for reducing emissions at OPES. In fact, we already have some students working on a video to teach the OPES family about the program!

2. What is vermicomposting?

Students will also begin to learn about worms and their importance to the decomposition process. Students will also see a classroom worm farm (vermicomposting) to prepare for our October 18th meeting. Barbara O'Connell, with York County Soil and Water Conservation, will be joining us to help set up other classroom bins for various grade levels. We are excited about having our students take the lead on this project!

Paint the Rock! "Talons to the Turf"

Tuesday, Oct. 7th, 2:45-3:30pm

474 3rd Baxter St

Fort Mill, SC

Please join us to Paint the Rock after school on Tuesday, October 7th! We have lots of recycled paint to decorate the rock to celebrate our theme "Talons to the Turf!" We need students to be thinking of an awesome design!

SInce this event is an additional Environmental Club date, can you please RSVP below that your child will be attending? In addition, if you have an old paint brush or two lying around the house and were going to throw it out anyway, please consider sending it in for us to use!

Also, a very special thank you to Lisa Conlon for going over to the recycling center on Hwy. 160 and collecting discarded, free paint for us! We really appreciate all of the pretty colors!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

"Talons to the Turf" International Walk to School Day--October 8th

South Carolina has achieved the highest participation rate in the Nation for International Walk to School Day for two years in a row! Last year South Carolina set an all-time record with 277 events registered across the state. This surpassed the previous record by 33% with 1 in every 4 elementary and middle schools in the state participating.
International Walk to School Day

Please click the link to learn more about International Walk to School Day!

How You Can Contribute!

We Need You!

We have a large group of "environmentalists" this year and will need your help from time to time! If you are interested in assisting or if you have something to share that supports our mission, please contact a leader (see below). We hope to send a separate email with the dates soon. Thanks in advance for your help!


Recently, the OPES Environmental Club was able to drop off approximately 10 pounds of pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte! As each pound is approximately 1,267 pop tabs, we were able to donate over 12,000 pop tabs! We would like to continue to collect pop tabs this year and have joined the Million Pop Tab Challenge. Please help us by collecting pop tabs from your friends and families. Please bring to school and send to any Environmental Club Leader. Thanks so much for you help!

Fact: 1,000,000 pop tabs raises enough money for 20 free nights of lodging at a Ronald McDonald House!


Win a Recycled Bench for OPES!

Register to win a bench made from recycled materials as part of the "Give Your Garbage Another Life" campaign. If your family wins, we ask that you donate the bench to OPES and we will customize it with your family's name and the year!

Our Mission

The mission of OPES' Environmental Club is to raise awareness and educate students about current environmental issues within their community. "The Green Team" will be actively engaged in school-wide recycling programs, problem-solving activities, conducting research, and recycled art projects. Some of the programs students will be leading are:

  • B2--Breathe Better Program through DHEC
  • The Million Pop Tab Challenge through Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte
  • Crayola's Color Cycle Recycle Marker Collection
  • Recycling Program with York County Recycling
  • Working to revitalize/plant school gardens/habitats
  • Vermicomposting--fancy word for worm farms!
  • World-Wide Water Monitoring Challenge participants
  • Field Trips
  • Many other fun activities!
GOING GREEN at Orchard Park Elementary

Please click the link to see all of the things teachers and students have been doing to Go Green!

Environmental Club Leader

Please contact Mrs. Stephenson if you have any questions. Thank you!

Environmental Club Leader

Please contact Mrs. Babinchak with any questions. Thank you!

Environmental Club Leader

Please contact Mrs. Martinez with any questions. Thank you!
York County Recycling Guidebook

Please click button to learn more about specific recycling for York County.