Air pollution

And it's negative effect

Effects of Air pollution on Health, Environment and Economy

Breathing in polluted air is harmful to your lungs. It can cause your eyes, nose and throat to burn and is detrimental to people with respiratory problems such as asthma or lung cancer (it can cause lung cancer too).

It damages our trees, crops and plants. It causes acid rain which is harmful to aquatic life, and damages works of art.

Because pollution causes illness, it's causes people to be sick and people stay home from their jobs. Reduces the amount of food made on farms, causing both supplier and taker go to go out of business.

5 ways of reducing air pollution for the average citizen

1) Conserve Energy by turning off appliances and the lights when they're not needed or in use

2) Recycle paper, plastic, glass bottles and aluminum cans.

3) Buy green electricity

4) Buy an efficient, low pollution vehicles.

5) Buy rechargeable batteries.