Mayans And Ancient Greeks



This is a picture of one of the Mayans paintings

An Image from a Mayan Codex IRC, 2005 . Image.Discovery Education. Web. 17 March 2016. <>.e

Ancient Greece

The Greeks had used a type of stone that was called white marble. They used this type of marble to create these life size statues that were known as kourai and korai. The male would be called kourai, and the female would be called korai. Every day when the Greeks would walk down the street they could see the beautiful paintings that some other Greeks had made.

Do you know how long the Mayans have existed?

You will never believe how long the Mayans have existed! The Mayans have existed for more than 1500 years. The Mayans made really amazing arts. They are not the ones that we see now a days. They made them in Murals,stones,and even carved them! There paintings were with detail, most times they would paint them about there kings and other places that was still were the Mayans live.

The Mayan Tablet of the Cross IRC, 2005 . Image.

Discovery Education. Web. 28 April 2016. <>.

Comparison Between Mayans And Ancient Greek Art

Mayans and Ancient Greeks are a lot similar because of 1. there detail, 2. there sculpture, and last but not least 3. There pottery.