Virtual Résumé

Bhavini Mistry

Part 1: Goal Setting!

Academic SMART Goal!

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  • S- By the end of my academic career in high school, I would like to have an overall average of 90% or above for media arts.

  • M- I have been taking the media arts course since the beginning of second semester in grade 10. I have found that I really do enjoy the course and would like to continue taking it throughout high school. To ensure that my overall mark in media arts is 90% or higher by the end of grade 12, I will be asking my media art's teachers for mark updates every month during the semester I have the course. If they cannot give me a mark update, I will go through all of the assignments and projects that were already handed back to tally up all of those marks. When I average those marks out, I will get a sense of what my final mark in the course will be for each year. To find my overall mark in the media arts course, I will take the 3 final marks (grade 10, 11 and 12) and add them up and then divide them by 3 to see if my average for the course was, in fact, 90% or higher. To improve my marks (if they are low), I will be looking through old feedback and comments that the teacher has give me to see where I can fix my mistakes. This will help my achieve a higher mark in the course.

  • A- To ensure that I achieve my goal by the end of grade 12 I will make sure I complete all of the assigned work on time and to the best of my ability. When we are given an assignment I will use my class time to complete the tasks at hand and if I don't get a chance to complete it I will ask my teacher if I can come in at lunch to work on my project some more. This will make my grade higher because I am completing all of my class work, while still doing the best work I can do. Some of the weaknesses that I have noticed from my experience in media arts are spending a lot of time doing my assignments and being confused about some of the instructions given to us by the teacher. To ensure that I start managing my time in class I will evaluate what I need to do at the start of class and then delegate time periods to complete these tasks. For example, if I have to make a holiday card in media arts and I only have 3 classes to complete it I will break down what I need to finish on each day. So on day one I need to finish the background and the main focus of the card, then on day two I can work on the smaller details of the card (i.e. smaller objects that go in the back). Finally the last day will be for touching up the holiday card and fixing any errors that occurred in the previous 2 days. Splitting up the work I need to do will help me complete the assignments I need to finish on time because it gives me a schedule to work in, rather than just doing however much I think I can do in a class. Moving on, I have found that I can get confused about the instructions given to us on the tutorials. To ensure I fully understand the material, I will ask the teacher or my peers for help on how to complete the assignment. If both options are busy, I can search up how to do a step on the internet. Although I may have my weaknesses in this course, I also have my strengths. My strengths include my artistic ability and my dedication. My artistic ability can help me achieve a higher mark in this course because I can use it to show the teacher my concepts for certain designs. When I design something in this class it will show that I have put a lot of thought into the product because they will be able to see my artistic ability in the product, which will give me a better mark. My dedication can also help me achieve my end goal because when I don't have enough time to finish an assignment I will get really determined to finish it. I will come in at lunch, after school or before school to ensure that my assignment will get done. This will help me achieve my end goal because it gives me more time to finish up bigger assignments, while still handing it in on time. These are the actions I will be taking to ensure my overall average in media arts by the end of grade 12 is 90% or higher.

  • R- Getting a 90% or higher average in media arts is important to me because in the future I would like to have a career in graphic design. The media arts course that is offered at our school is the stepping stone into the world of graphic design. This course teaches you all about the different software and computer programs that graphic designers use to create logos, posters, billboard and so much more. It is important that I get an average of 90% or higher in this course because it means that I am good at designing stuff on the computer. It also means that I have a future in the graphic design field of work. Getting a 90% average shows that I understand the different techniques and software that is crucial to the world of graphic design and that is why it is so important to reach my goal. I believe I can achieve my goal by the end of my grade 12 year because at the moment my average in my media arts class is a 93%. If I can continue to preform the way I have for the past couple of months I should be able to achieve my goal. I understand that as I go into the senior grades the material we learn will start to get harder and harder, but I am confident in my abilities to still achieve my goal. If I am having difficulty with keeping up, I will ask my teacher and my peers for help on assignments and projects to ensure I achieve my goal by the end of grade 12.

  • T- I would like to have an overall average of 90% or higher in my media arts courses by the end of my grade 12 year. Some smaller goals I have to achieve the bigger goal are to participate as much as I can in class, ask questions to clarify concepts I don't understand and make sure I get at least an 88% on each of my assignments and projects that I get throughout the 3 years. This will allow me to get an overall average of 90%, but it still gives me room to make mistakes. This is how I will achieve my academic goal!

Volunteering SMART Goal!

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  • S- By the end of my high school career, I would like to complete 150 hours of volunteer work at the Brampton Soccer Centre.

  • M- I have already started to work towards achieving this goal as I have already went through the volunteer interview process and went through the orientation. I have started volunteering at the reading and writing session that they have every Thursday evening for kids 3-6 years old. To track my hours I have signed into the volunteering book every time I attended a class, which keeps track of how many hours I have completed throughout the year. To ensure that I complete my goal I will be taking a picture of the book with my tracking sheet in it, so that when I go home I can see how many hours I have completed. I will be doing this every month, until I complete all 150 hours. I will have a book at home in which I will write out the amount of hours I have put in, so that if something ever happened to the tracking sheet at the soccer centre or my phone breaks, I still have a copy of how many hours I have completed.

  • A- To ensure that I complete 150 volunteering hours at the Soccer Centre I will make sure I attend every session I sign up for. Since I do participate in extracurricular activities (i.e. volleyball, badminton, milk bag mats club, etc.), play volleyball and badminton outside of school and maintain a 90% average I know that my schedule can get very busy. I will choose to volunteer on days that I know I don't have anything extra to do, so I have time to volunteer at the Soccer Centre. Planning which session I volunteer at will help me achieve my goal because I can work with my own schedule to ensure that I complete 150 hours. The summer break is coming up very soon, so I plan on talking to the volunteer specialist at the Soccer Centre to ask if I can start volunteering 3 times a week instead of just once a week. This will help me achieve my goal as the more volunteering I do, the more hours I get. Some of my strengths that will help me achieve my goal are working with kids and being dedicated. Since I like to work with kids and I know how to handle them when they are being fussy or when they are sad, I will choose sessions that involve working with kids ages 3-8 years old. This will help me achieve my goal because I am volunteering at something that I find enjoyable and fun. When I have a good time at volunteering I am most likely to want to do more of it, which helps me achieve my goal because I will continue to come back to get more hours. Dedication will also help my achieve my goal because it will push me to do more hours to reach the end goal of 150 hours. Sometimes when I am working on something I will want to give up because it is a lot of work; however, more often than not, I find that I pick myself up again and carrying on until the job is done. This will help me achieve my goal because volunteering with little kids can be very hard. Sometimes they don't listen or they miss their parents so much that they start to cry. Determination will help me achieve my goal because if I give up whenever volunteering gets hard, I will never achieve my goal. Although I have my strengths, I also have my weaknesses. Some weaknesses I have are that I get tired very quickly and I am not good at multitasking. Since I get tired very quickly, it can be difficult to keep up with the kids, which means I could begin to see a decrease in my performance. To make sure I have enough energy to volunteer I will get a good night's rest before my volunteering sessions and start to eat healthier (i.e. more vegetables and fruit in my diet, cutting back on junk food, etc.). These actions will help me keep my energy up because I am keeping my body fully energized with nutrients and rest. Another weakness of mine is that I cannot multitask very well. Multitasking is a big part of volunteering as you have to keep an eye on the kids at all time while still running the activities for them. Since I am not very good at multitasking I can ask the other volunteers that are not doing anything to give me a hand in watching the kids. This was I can keep track of the activity stations, while there is still somebody paying attention to the kids who are not participating in the activities. These actions will help me achieve my goal because they will make my experience of volunteering even better. This will make me want to come back to the soccer centre and sign up for more session, which will increase the number of hours that I have. Eventually, I will reach my goal of getting 150 hours by the end of my grade 12 year.

  • R- I believe this goal is attainable because in grade 9, I completed 44 hours of volunteer work by going to my old middle school and helping the teachers prepare for their classes, organize their classroom and mark small quizzes. Since I have experience working with kids and helping others with their jobs, I believe I can achieve my goal of completing 150 hours of volunteer work. I have already started volunteering at the Soccer Centre in which I help kids ages 3-6 learn how to read and write every Thursday from 5:30-8:00. I have already started to collect 2.5 hours of volunteer service every week during the school year, so I believe I can complete 150 hours by the end of grade 12. This is because I will also be picking up more session during the summer break, which will increase the number of hours I get per week. This is important to me because in the future when I am applying to post-secondary institutions they will see that I have done a lot of volunteer work, which increases my chances of getting into the program I would like to go into. It is also important because it is a way I can give back to the community that has given me so much. That is why I would like to complete 150 hours of volunteer work at the Brampton Soccer Centre.

  • T- I would like to get 150 hours of community service by the end of my grade 12 year. To achieve this big goal I will also be setting smaller goals to accomplish along the way. By the start of grade 11, I would like to have completed at least 80 hours. I will be doing this by volunteering at more session during my summer break, which will be added onto the 44 hours I have already completed in grade 9. This leaves my grade 11 and grade 12 year to complete the final 70 hours. I will be splitting up the the hours by completing 50 hours during my grade 11 year and completing 20 hours during my grade 12 year. I chose to complete 50 hours in my grade 11 year because in grade 11 I don't have as much work to do, so I will still have enough time to complete my homework while still volunteering at the Soccer Centre. In my grade 12 year I predict I will be too busy with school, extracurricular and trying to apply to post-secondary schools, that I won't have as much time to volunteer. I have given myself the goal of completing 20 hours in my grade 12 year because during March break and winter break I can pick up some hours at the Soccer Centre to complete my 150 hours of volunteer service. That is how I will achieve my goal!

Part 2: Preparing for Transition and Change!

Below you will find a video I have created which explains my plan for my future career! In the video I talk about the high school courses I will need to become a graphic designer, the post-secondary program I will need to go into and how I will be getting a job as a graphic designer once I am done with school!

Bhavini- Transition and Change Video

Part 3: Future Job Resume!


With strong artistic skills, internship experience and dedication to complete tasks, I am seeking a job at a dynamic company which values and challenges their employees to do their best.


OCAD University

Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design

Toronto, Ontario

September 2018-April 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014-June 2018


Newage Products

Junior Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist

Toronto, Ontario

June 2022-May 2025

  • Researched and presented new styles, techniques and constructions of digital design
  • Performed various graphic related tasks, including Catalog Creation, Sell Sheet and more
  • Kept up to date with online marketing trends

PartsEngine Canada


Toronto, Ontario

April 2020-June 2020

  • Kept up to date with marketing and design trends
  • Completed projects using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Presented new ideas and concepts to the company

New Design Group Inc.


Toronto, Ontario

July 2017-August 2017

  • Selected for 8 week Co-op term at local graphic design company
  • Worked in a team to develop creative pieces for various companies and organizations
  • Attended weekly meetings to discuss upcoming projects

Forever 21

Sales Associate

Brampton, Ontario

October 2016-August 2019

  • Maintained and restocked inventory
  • Proactively acknowledged, greeted and assisted customers in the store
  • Met and exceeded sales goals

Extra Curricular


June 2016-June 2018
  • Selected to be a LINK Crew leader throughout the last three years of High School
  • Organized activities for various grade levels

Senior Girls Volleyball

November 2014- February 2018
  • Captain of the Volleyball Team from 2017-2018
  • In charge of running drills and practices after school

Volunteer Experience

Brampton Soccer Centre

Reading and Writing Classes

Brampton, Ontario

April 2016-present

  • Set up and manage activities for kids ages 3-6 years old
  • Assess teachers in running the class smoothly
  • Ensure children are on task and completing their work on time


Graduated with distinction
  • April 2022

Honour Roll

  • June 2018

SHSM Arts and Culture Rising Star Award

  • June 2017

Principal's Award for Student Leadership

  • June 2014


Canadian Red Cross: CPR/AED Certified Level C

  • May 2015

Hobbies and Interests

  • Drawing/Calligraphy
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Reading


Kaitlyn D'Lima, Volunteer Specialist, Brampton Soccer Centre, 905-458-4036 (ex. 62207),

Susan Bell, Teacher, Louise Arbour Secondary School, 905-793-5451 (ex. 457),

Part 4: Challenges and Solutions!

The field of graphic design can be very tempting for many individuals looking to express their creative ideas, while still being successful in their career choice. However, the world of graphic design is not always what it seems to be; there are many obstacles and disadvantages of being a graphic designer in today’s day and age. After doing some research, I have found that the top three struggles every freelance graphic designer goes through are having to work within strict deadlines (A Lot Career Team), not having a final decision in their designs (Creative Drum) and not having a stable income from time to time (A Lot Career Team).

Strict Deadlines

To begin, graphic designers often have to work within strict deadlines given to them by their client (A Lot Career Team). This can be very challenging at times because a graphic designer must have some element of creativity in his or her design; however, creative ideas do not come to one’s mind on command. This makes deadlines very difficult to meet as they cannot think of good concepts quickly enough to please the client’s needs. To overcome this obstacle, a graphic designer must learn to manage their time wisely so that they do have time to think of different concepts that could work for a specific project. To manage their time they can use an agenda and make to-do lists on a daily basis in order to stay on top of their work. However, most of the time the graphic designer cannot think of an idea that is good enough. To solve this problem and get the work done by the deadline, they can write down or sketch out different concepts when they are in a creative mood. By doing this you are creating an archive of ideas that you could go back to and use in future designs when you are having a massive creative block. If a graphic designer has been in a creative block for a very long time and cannot think of anything on their own, they can attempt to redesign something in their own style (A Lot Career Team). This helps them to get out of their block, while still getting the job done. However, the designer must give credit to the original designer for the concept as it was not his/hers to begin with. This is how I would overcome the challenge of meeting strict deadlines.

Not Having the Final Say

Furthermore, another obstacle graphic designer’s face is not having the final decision over their designs (Atanasova). Graphic designers have the responsibility of bringing their client’s ideas to life and, in the process, their artistic skills and judgment are added to the final product to make it more presentable. However, the client may not always like what you have done and you might need to get rid of a few elements. This is a challenge for many graphic designers because they have worked very hard on their design and believe it looks amazing. To overcome this the graphic designer can have a meeting with their clients to discuss the changes they want to make. In these meetings they can explain why they decided to incorporate certain elements in the final design. This helps the client understand the design a bit better and in the end, they may decide to keep the original design. However, some clients have a very strict idea of what they want the final design to be and refuse any of the new ideas the designer may have. In this case, the graphic designer must accept what the client is telling them to do as this is their source of income. Graphic designers must learn to adapt to not always having control over their projects because this is the reality of the field of graphic design.

Unstable Income

Finally, the last major obstacle freelance graphic designers face is not having a stable income from time to time (A Lot Career Team). Since freelance graphic designers have their own self-run business, it is their responsibility to bring in clients and projects in order to keep their business running. This can be a challenge at times because many companies and organizations may not need graphic design services at that moment. However, many time the graphic designer’s competition is taking all of their business. This leads the graphic designer to not have money to pay for their basic needs like food, heating, and electricity. A solution to this problem is to market themselves more so that interested clients can approach them. They can do this by updating their portfolio in order for clients to see their impressive skills (Atanasova) and they can put up advertisements for their graphic design services. They can also have a savings account in their bank account to save some money for times when they do not get any clients. If neither of these work, they can always pick up a part-time job that brings in more money, while still working on getting more clients for their business. This is how graphic designers can overcome the obstacle of an unstable income.