Steps on how to escape

For my family

Family, I'm bedazzled to report that I've made it North, I've made it to freedom!! I did it by usin' the Underground Railroad and with these steps, you can use it too and get out of the cruel, evil Peculiar Institution. We talked about revoltin' when I was on the plantation with y'all, but I've learned that many slave revolts by leaders such as Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey have done little to lead to freedom, so if you wanna be freed you're gonna have to escape.

Terms to know before gettin started:

  • "Passengers" or "baggage" = darkies
  • "Conductors" = people who will help guide you to safe places
  • "Stationmasters" = people that will keep and hide you in their home
  • "Stockholders" = people who provide money and food
  • "Heaven" or "Promised Land" = Canada

Heading North:

  1. Find the Little and Big Dipper
  2. once you find those, look for the North Star at the tip of the Little Dipper
  3. Follow this star
  4. It's the brightest in all the sky, and will lead you North
So what happens on cloudy nights or days the North Star ain't visible?
  1. look for moss on trees
  2. typically grows on the north side and will serve as a compass for you
  3. keep on treckin'!!

Once you find the North Star, your job ain't done. People will always be on the lookout for you. Here's how to get past them.
  • Once your overseer realizes you're gone, he's gonna have anybody and everybody lookin' for you. This includes dogs. If you travel by stream or river, the dog ain't gon' track your scent.
  • SLAVE CATCHERS!!!! Don't get caught by the slave catcher and their traps and snares. Also beware for Bounty Hunters because they try and look for slaves to return for money. If you is caught you will be sent back to the plantation and receive more floggings than breaths you taken.

You're in Memphis, Tennessee and you gotta get to Canada, here's how you do it:

  1. Make your way to Ironton, Ohio by following the above steps. Once you make it, you have help awaitin' for you.
  2. You have to cross the Ohio River and you will be out of the black belt and you will see a house with a candle shining in the window. This is a safe house. Go here.
  3. Though slavery is outlawed, you won't stop here because people will still be lookin' for you to make some money.
  4. Your stationmaster will help you make your way to Ontario, Canada. Here slavery is completely outlawed and American bounty hunters can't capture you.
  5. Once in Ontario, you've made it to the Promise Land!!! Do what God has planned for you!!