Room 311 News

Week of Feb. 14th

Field Trip!

Our next field trip will be March 10th to the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe. Please fill out this form if you would like to volunteer. Parents will be confirmed next weekend so you can arrange your schedule. We'll be back by lunch.

Parent Volunteers

Please return the signed permission slip as soon as possible. Thanks!

Preparing for a goodbye to our Chromebooks- BYOD/ devices welcomed :)

Just a forewarning that beginning after Spring Break and through May, we have to say goodbye to our chromebooks since they will be used for SEES testing. We will definitely welcome any and all student devices and get creative so we don't lose the technology activities we are so used to ;)

Through our community and Donors Choose generosity, we have 7 ipads to use in our classroom that will help us for many AR, Lexia, writing, coding, and research opportunities. If you have the ability and are open to allowing your student to bring in a personal device for educational use, please let me know. Here is the District Student/Parent Guide to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options while our chromebooks are inaccessible. In no way is there any requirement to have your student bring in a device to school. Parent/Student BYOD Guide

Here is a very short questionaire just to help determine the possibility of BYOD. Your response does not indicate a commitment to participate, I'm just getting a rough count.

BYOD Parent Questionaire

Note and Reminders

  • Feb. 19th - Report Cards go home
  • Feb. 25th - Math Night of the Century - Family Math Night 100th Day (Date was changed)
  • Feb. 27th - Father Daughter Dance
  • Mar. 3rd - SMHS Knights of the Round Table visit SEES
  • Mar. 10th - Field Trip: Rancho Buena Vista Adobe
  • Mar. 7th-11th - Book Fair in the Library
  • Mar. 12th - Super STEM Saturday CSUSM
  • Mar. 17th - Early Release Day - Special for Teacher Training
  • Apr. 15th - 16th - SEES Country Fair - Corrected Date!

Please click here to access our full calendar

AR Goals!

Our deadline for the 3rd block of AR incentives was last Thursday, 2/11 and the awards will be given at the Flag Salute on February 19th.

Our next deadline will be April 8th. Our year goal for AR in 3rd grade is 55 points. We have the year broken into 5 blocks with 11 points as a goal for each block. To be on track for a medal, your student should be at or close to 33 points and looking to reach 44 by the next cut off.

Remember that our tech access may be limited after spring break, so students should try to get ahead before the break.

To earn the special extra recess, students need to either be at their goal for that block (44 points) or earn 11 points within this block. So from now to April 8th earn 11 AR points. That's about 1.5 points a week, equal to about three picture books a week, one easy chapter book a week, or one longer chapter book every two weeks.

Note: Keeping up with AR is one of the areas I am looking at for effort in Homework on the report card. Reading is the one constant expectation and we have access to computers 100% of the time through spring break to show comprehension of independent reading.

Featured Storybird: Jake's Life

The adventures of Jake the Robot.

Final Chapter! - Chapter 5 Big Ideas (We'll watch in class on Tuesday)

Big Ideas for the classroom: Growth Mindset - Episode 5/5

Chapter 5: Mojo puts it all together

In Episode 5, “Little by Little,” Mojo and Katie embark on their greatest challenge yet - but still face a setback.

Home Discussion Starters:

1. Sometimes when we are working on a challenging task, we may think, "just try harder." Is there a way to change this phrase?

2. What are some strategies we can use when facing a big challenge, so that we don't burn out?

3. Brainstorm phrases we can use to keep us going when facing a challenge (e.g., "Nice effort trying to solving that math problem!").

Class Donations Wish List

Ongoing needs and wishes
  • Current Need - Baby Wipes and Disinfecting Wipes