Verona Times


By Mrs Dallas


Yesterday Silence broke out upon the streets of Verona Italy , as the braking news of the tragedy between the Capulets and th Montagues fled through the city. Ancient Grudge that came between the two family's once again ended in a disastrous death of Tybalt and Mercusio . Two loved members of the two familys have lost their lives all from a carless argument.


Yestarday , in the hot sun of Verona Italy witnesses reported that Montagues Mercusio was seen hot, frustrated and agitated whilst walking with cousin Romeo. Conversation was boiling as the Capulets appear on Sycamore Grove this was later reported by anna holbrooke that was on her way to a church gathering in the town hall. Not a quite afternoon afterall said Mercusio to Romeo as the Capulets walk over. Tybalt arrived and was looking for Romeo to get revenge for crashing the Capulets party. Benvolio comes between them and warned them not to fight in public, but that didnt stop them! . Romeo knew that Tybalt took a step back and wouldnt get involved. Witness reported that Tybalt Romeos new cousin was like a bull , he became red, angry and was wiling to fight anyone or anything even! So Mercusio went in for the kill !Romeo came between both men trying to break this argument and to make peace but Tybalt drew his sword and stabbed Mercusio under Romeos arm! Mercusio said as he took his last few breathes " A Plague on both your houses" he turned to Romeo and said " Why the devil came you between us? I was hurt under your arm" and died! Sadly that day in Verona the Capulet lost their loved Mercusio . Mercusio told the Verona times that the Prince turned up and warned both familys that anyone to be caught fighting would killed imediadly before all this drama happend but did this stop them? No it didnt!

Go hard or Go home!

But was that the only death that day in Verona? Well, no it wasnt , as Romeo relised what happend under his own arm he was weak! He was so shocked , furious and upset at the same time his emosions were everywhere! Romeo took one look at Tybalt and whitness jessica ennis a runner that ran past reported - " the boy looked steaming all i can say is watch out to who ever stands in his way!" Romeo ran over to Tybalt and drew his word and plunged into Tybalts chest like it was a dart board in a pub! Benvolio , Romeos cousin told Romeo to run, run away before he would be caught by the Prince and that the citizens of Verona wouldnt find him! Witness heard the prince tell Romeo he is now banishes from the city. Who knows what the future holds?......