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Added 12.4.17

STEAM Craft Teaser Trailer
Apple's Clips app: a step-by-step guide

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#codingcounts: A plan for coding and robotics in Queensland state schools

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Graphics by Ruth - cute, free clipart

All Things STEAM

Technology Skills Continuum - Created by Joshua Jetson...Located towards the bottom of my page under ICT Scopes & Sequences

Creating A Culture of Kindness - Idea and freebie

Reflections of Life - A series of photos of people reflecting on their younger selves.

Husk MitNavn - A Copenhagen based artist who creates art using paper folds and drawing to create these 55 inspirational pics. Try with your class.

Write Like a Story Teller, Reporter, Debater - Posters

S1, 2, 3 - Cats, Dogs and Us - teaching guide and free student magazine to grab your copy. A great free resource.

Cause and Effect - S2 Lesson Meet Noah, an oceanographer that studies what happens in the oceans and look for the cause, or reason, that things happen. Noah would like your help as he investigates what is happening in the ocean and why it is occurring.

Zombie Apocalypse Atlas Work - A geographical scheme of work based on the concept of a disease spreading around the world, through Europe and into the UK. I wanted to add a sense of excitement and tension through challenges that led to learning and the practice of key geographical skills." and "Within this scheme of work is a booklet, as students work through the activities they have challenges to complete in order to find their way to safety." All free! S3

Rainforest Role Play - A super engaging freebie - Pupils are introduced to the survival scenario – they were in a plane as part of a group going to carry out research in the Amazon rainforest when they hit trouble causing their plane to crash. They now need to work as a team, using each others strengths to survive.

Insta Define - online dictionary, thesaurus

Free Clip Art - Graphics by Ruth, Clip Art Fest.

Clips sample video