Gas Chambers

The room that killed millions in Auschwitz.

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Overview of Holocaust

Adolf Hitler was a person who wanted to kill all Jewish people and all other people who weren't the Aryan race. He was a dictator who ruled over the Nazis and Germany during World War II. At the end of the war a dramatic number of Jewish people were still alive. Many hearts were heavy as the lost of 2/3rds of the population was dead.

Definition/ Backround Information

Gas Chambers are buildings or facilities meant to kill humans or animals alike. During the Holocaust the Nazis thought the Jewish people were animals and meant to die. At least half of the Jews were gassed and threw aside in manmade holes meant to dump the dead Jews and other victims in. Gas Chambers were first meant to be showers but slowly evolved into a method of killing. To put a picture in your mind you can fit at least 2,000 humans at a time in the Gas Chamber in Auschwitz.

Oringinal Research Question

1.What were the Gas Chambers used for before the Holocaust?

The Gas Chambers were used for showers before the Holocaust.


"When there are no gas chambers, no barbed wire, and no concentration camps, many don't recognize the perpetration of new genocides and other targeted mass atrocity crimes because they may not look the same. "

John Prendergast

The reason I chose this quote is because it painted a picture in my mind. It made me think of the holocaust as a child growing up to become a adult.


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