20% project, yoga

By Drew Scites and Jimmy Larson

What impact can yoga have on myself and others?

Yoga can be for anyone who is willing to be up for the challenge! Many people use yoga as a way to stay in shape and improve their flexibility. Yoga is also very common for athletes who aren't very flexible and want to try and get flexible, also get a good workout in because yoga is very hard.

Facts about yoga

1. Even just a few minutes of yoga a day can relax both your body and mind by releasing tension in your muscles and pacing your brain

2. Yoga not only helps with your joints but also is a relief to people who have arthritis therefore yoga can be for all ages

3. Yoga can boost your immune system on a genetic level

4. Yoga is an ideal and risk free way to lose weight

Why I chose this project

I chose yoga because I'm not a very flexible person and being flexible helps a lot when you're a goalie. I also was up for a challenge and something new, it has also gotten me in better shape and lose some weight as well.

Challenges I faced and what I hope to improve on

I faced one main challenge and that wasn't being flexible enough which is something I'm still working on. That is also what I plan to get better at, being more flexible because I want to be the most flexible I can be.