L33T Index; IT Support Engineer

Pennine Healthcare

Job Role;

At Pennine Healthcare we are looking for an IT Support Engineer to work within a small but proactive team of IT professionals. During your role you shall be responsible for providing technical support to approximately 100 users and 150 devices (Desktops, Touchscreens and Laptops).

Specific Skills Required;

Existing knowledge of SharePoint is essential to this role.

SQL Server 2012 knowledge is required.

Networking experience is also essential for this role. Being an IT Technician you will encounter some type of network, whether this be a LAN, WAN or different topologies. Having existing knowledge of these will benefit you when you come up against them during your job. If you’ve had previous experience then you might be able to handle a problem with ease and efficiency, this reflects positively on you and the job you’re doing. It also benefits the company as they know if a network problem was to occur you would have some degree of knowledge fixing the issue.

General and Soft Skills Required;

General skills required;

You will be required to have excellent written skills; this is because you need to be able to convey any ideas or recommendations to fellow co-workers or even higher management. Written communication plays such a large part in almost all businesses now, you could be asked to take notes on some jobs your boss has asked you to complete, you could answer the phone and have to take notes about what the person is saying on the other side of the phone to allow you to remember the contents of the conversation. This is especially important as an IT Technician as you might have to write down error messages people are having and if you do this wrong you could end up researching a different error.

Good verbal communication skills are imperative to succeeding in this role. This is because you'll be working within a small team of IT professionals where communicating to and fro your team is the key to ensuring all jobs get completed within a specified time limit.

Soft skills required;

Being able to work independently is a necessity for fulfilling this role requirement; this is because despite you working in a small team there will be many occasions where you will be required to work on your own. Having the confidence in your ability to work on your own is imperative as on many different occasions will you be undertaking work where you will be unsupervised and left to your own devise for lengthy amounts of time.

You will also need to be confident enough to give ideas across when asked. There shall be multiple times when you'll be in a meeting and you'll be asked for any business ideas you may have or even ideas on how you could improve the IT infrastructure.

Contact Info;

Contact us by e-mail at; customer.services@penninehealthcare.co.uk

Contact us by phone at; 01332 794880