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September 8: Speech to Text in Google Documents

With the Speech Recognition Add-on students can speak out loud as their thoughts are transcribed to a Google document. The Add-on works with multiple languages, making it a valuable tool for world language classes. One flaw is that the program does not add punctuation, so students will have to add it after their speech is recorded. However, it is still a powerful tool for students to record their thoughts.


  1. Open a Google Document.
  2. Select "Get Add-ons" from the "Add-ons" dropdown menu.
  3. Search "Speech Recognition" and add it using the "+ Free" button.
  4. Enable permissions.
  5. Once you've selected "start" a new menu will appear on the right side of the screen. click the start icon again and start talking. The transcription happens almost instantly as you talk.
Speech Recognition Add-On for Google Docs