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Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Kasper's Weekly Newsletter

Parent/Teacher Conference Sign Up

Tomorrow, a Sign Up Genius invitation will be e-mailed to parents that will allow you to sign up for a conference with your child's homeroom teacher on October 26, 2015.

What you need to know about Homework

Homework is given weekly to reinforce the skills being taught at school. Students are expected to read grade appropriate books for 30 minutes a night. I have noticed some students are reading very easy books. In order to improve their reading skills, they need to be reading "just right books." The students know how to pick these kinds of books. Writing, spelling, and math homework will also be given weekly.
Homework will go home every Friday and is due the following Friday. Students are given a hard copy of the homework before they leave school for the weekend. If they misplace it, there are many ways they can get another copy. Homework is always attached to these weekly newsletters. A digital copy is e-mailed home to the parents and put in the Google classroom homework folders of each subject. There is also a tub in each classroom that has extra homework papers in it.
It is the student's responsibility to get the homework they need if they are absent or misplace it. Failure to turn in homework will result in a loss of checkbook points and a working lunch.
Please check over your child's homework for accuracy and completion. You help and support is appreciated.

Learning Goals

Math: In math we are continuing place value, rounding and moving from one place to another getting 10x,100x, or 1,000x bigger as well as smaller 1/10, 1/100. And 1/1000. We will be solving multiple step problems, this will be ongoing all year.

Science: In science ELM we will be researching our questions to prepare for our final Google presentation for 1st grade buddies. We have also learned our new resource log in for Math and Science using Think Central. Think Central has a copy of BOTH our math and science workbooks as well as numerous resources and links for learning. Please let your child show you as we used them today in class.

Writing: This week we are learning how to write an introduction that includes a hook. We will also be learning how to add details to our writing by using "Color It Up" strategies.

Spelling: Homophones

Reading: In reading we will be starting a class book club and practicing our inferencing and questioning skills.

Social Studies: Texas Regions ELM

The students are researching the 4 regions of Texas and using the information they learn to create an itinerary for a family road trip.

ELM Highlights

Upcoming Events

9/11 Student Council Election forms due

9/14 Principal's Fundraiser Begins

9/18 Student Council Elections

9/21 Fall Pictures

9/22 General PTO Meeting 7:00 p.m.

9/23 Progress Reports go home

9/25 Principal's Coffee 8:30 a.m.

9/25 Friday Live 2:15 p.m.

9/28 Principal's Fundraiser Ends

9/29 PTO Newsletter goes home

9/30 Bear Buddy Kick Off in the Library 7:30 a.m.

Weebly Website

The 4th grade at Bennett has a Weebly website that contains important information. The Weebly is updated weekly.