Valentine's Day Coffee Chat!

Shining Diamonds!


It's Valentine's Day and I am stuck in the house with my amazing them dearly, but after 18 inches of snow, the messy house and not a lot of work getting done...I am kind of DONE! LOL! What I do that this IS the flexibility of this business! I LOVE that if days like today happen, I switch my plans, I adjust and I keep on going maybe just a different way! How lucky are WE to be able to do this and LOVE what we do!????

I had goals this week. Every Monday I sit and think about what I want to accomplish during the next five days. Sometimes it is booking a few shows, sponsoring, coaching...all of it! This week was to CHAT with many of you and help YOU plan your goals as well as take care of my personal business by booking TWO new shows for my Jumpstart.

Results...NO NEW Jumpstart shows booked! I reached out! I texted, I called, I messaged and I got frustrated! I was mad at the gals that say "yes, I will host! Sure" and then completely ignore! I was annoyed by the numerous Facebook chats I started and saw that they were looked at, yet no response! BUT...guess what, I was MAD for a few minutes (ok, maybe hours!) BUT then I realized EVERYONE is BUSY, everyone isn't thinking of me and Stella and Dot! It's not because they are purposely ignoring me to don't like's because we are just not #1 to them, like they are too us!!! AND...guess what? That's OK!!!!

Did you know that most shows booked are booked after the second to third FOLLOW UP? Think about how you "warm" prospectives you really follow up? What if you still don't hear back? Do you really follow up a second time? Be honest with yourself! :) MOST people feel rejected (like I ddi!) after one follow up, but again most people (YES...pretty much all big leaders in this company!) book after 2-3 follow ups! It's not being pushy, it's being consistent! THREE is your magic number! If you have not "touched" that person three times, keep going!!! I dare you!

My second goal was to CHAT with you! That was my highlight of the week! So many awesome many awesome goals! LOVE LOVE LOVE how motivated (yes, sometimes frustrated!) you all are!!!


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Amy Wrobel rocked her first show, had fun, styled guests and earned her QUICK START jumpstart! $200 in free credits to help with her new display!

Melanie Reagan is balancing life and Stella by booking one to two shows a month! She is sticking to her goal and loving the flexibility of mommy time and fashion!

Meghan Scott is excited about her new adventure, talking and wearing and sharing and has booked 3 shows in the next week to launch her business! Jumpstart here you come!

Bonnie Frain has decided that hostess coaching is a must! After a few canceled shows last month, she knows that reaching out to the hostesses before a show to get them pumped and excited is super important!

Suzy Albert is making connections! If you have no leads, you get out there and get them! Having lunch dates and GNO's with friends to get to know them is a way to connect and eventually bring in S&D! This business is about building relationships and she sure is doing that!

Lauren Harrington (Lauren Donohue) is loving her front loaded month! When you book on the first few days of the new month, you are qualified early! Her goal this book a few early March shows to again front load next month too!

Jeanine Nau has been focusing on sponsoring and having amazing opportunity conversations and she feels she needs to now work on booking. With zero shows in March, she went on a booking blitz yesterday and already booked one!!!

Shannon Burgwald is focusing on her personal business this week and booking up her season! She is talking to everyone and creating that seasonal cushion! Show in the system for Feb, March and April already!

Erin Kohrherr is reaching out like crazy and although not seeing immediate results, knows that she is planting tons of seeds for her spring! I also love how she is reaching outside of her immediate area for shows...looking an hour or so in both directions to connect with gals and meet new potential stylists and hostesses!

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So Far I have Heather Irwin and Ann Marie Phillips in the running for the FLIP FLOPS! WHO else has booked a JUMPSTART show?? You have until midnight tonight to post on our page or message me!!!

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I challenge you to print this out and hand out to everyone at your shows! Let's show Jessica and Anita what Philly is made of!

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