Technology Integrators

2021-2022 School Year


  • Great for technology coaches, tech/media specialists, former CFF coaches, KTIs, or classroom teachers considered "instructional tech leads" by admin or other colleagues.
  • An opportunity to be part of a listserv, gain access to our Google folder of resources, face-to-face networking five times a school year (every other month)
  • Used to promote upcoming tech training/workshops and initiatives (iPad Apps, Hour of Code, Augmented Reality, BYOD and AUP policies, PAsmart grants, etc.).
  • Helpful for the IU to gain knowledge about districts to plan future ed tech training/workshops and provide support in trends and interests of the region.

Let's Connect!

We plan to run monthly meetups this school year. We look forward to connecting with you!

October 12 (virtual)

November 10 (in-person @ IU6)

  • Special Guests: Science in Motion CUP Bridget Kennedy and Dr. Karen Spuck
  • PBS - WQED & WPSU Connection

December 13 (virtual)

January 21 (in-person @ IU6)

February 24 (virtual)

March 15 (in-person @ IU6)

April 18 (virtual)

May 10 (in-person @ IU6)

Your feedback is appreciated!

Please share topics or questions that you'd like to see addressed at an upcoming meeting.

October Agenda


COFFEE CHAT: 7:30 AM - 8:15 AM

LUNCH BUNCH: 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

  1. Boxatechs Book
  2. What to Do with a Box
  3. STEAM Bookshelf



Common Sense Education Corner


Welcome back! Did you know that IU6 educators have access to 30+ FREE digital resources through EVERFI?

EVERFI provides free, standard-aligned resources for grades K-12 in content areas like College and Career Readiness, Financial Literacy, SEL, and more!

IU6 Educators can access EVERFI at Simply register for an educator account, explore the course offerings and create your classes to give students access. Need help getting started or want resource recommendations for your grade level or content area? Contact your local Implementation Specialist, located in Pittsburgh, for support. Carly Taylor:

Check out our on-demand webinars to learn more.

PAECT: Virtual Meet-Ups & Opps

  • The Great Bookshare: October 20th from 7:30 - 8:30. Discuss your favorite books - both professional and leisure. Please be willing to discuss your favorites as we learn from each other. Walk away with some new titles to explore to continue on a great school year! Sign up to join here: The Great Bookshare

  • Psychological Boundaries: October 21st at 6PM in Sykesville, PA

    Angie Shirey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in New Bethlehem, PA. For the past few years, she has been developing coaching solutions for businesses that focus on promoting relational skills and mental health management. Please register in advance to attend in person for this event. Register Here.

  • Virtual Murder Mystery Event: October 28th at 7:00PM. A Halloween Costume event on Google Meet and a Murder Mystery. Each person must be registered through this site. Guests are required to be 18 and up.

    Cost: Free for Premium Members, $5 for all free memberships and guests.

    Register at


Now -more than ever- we need to CONNECT, DEVELOP, LEAD, and ADVOCATE.


During STEMATHON 2021, we RISE. We honor you, your students and those who have embraced the challenges of the past year with strength, ingenuity, and resilience. STEMATHON, a 2-day, fully virtual conference featuring exciting content in K-12 STEM fields, will inspire attendees with stories of STEM learning in varied learning environments and leave you with practical applications for your own schools moving forward!

#CSinPA: Computer Science in PA

  1. BUILD | FLY | CODE -- Extended Deadline, now through November 1, 2021!
  2. CS Fundamentals Intro (various dates/formats: F2F or virtual) Audience: K-5 Educators
  3. CS Journeys from (Career Connections)
  4. K-8 Computer Science Virtual Pathway: 2021-2022 Cohort Available
  5. Additional CS Opportunities through RIU#6 and our Partners
  6. PLAN EARLY -- Hour of Code
  7. CS Exam - FREE Self-Paced Online CS Praxis Prep Course, Learn More HERE
  8. #CSinPA State Team Virtual Office Hours Zoom Room


Make Your Mark!

International Dot Day - Inspired by Paul and Peter Reynolds's book titled, The Dot. Start the year off by celebrating creativity, courage, and collaboration on September 15(ish). Borrow a Breakout EDU kit, engage in the Flipgrid Prompts, OR print out and color your very own dot and make it come to life with the Quiver app. I can't wait to hear how you incorporate International Dot Day with your students!

RIU6 Educational Programs Department

Kelsi Wilcox Boyles

Education Program Specialist