Principal Update

BSE - August 16, 2013

How do you describe the BSE staff and the first days of school?

Monday (8-19-13) Transportation Plan

We will run Monday with the EXACT same procedures as the first three days of school. On Tuesday our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade students will be directed in WITHOUT teacher assistance. 1st Grade be on the ready Tuesday for your final day of greeting kids outside. Kinder, please be at the door through Wednesday to usher your kids into the classroom.

Maggie...front door duty is now yours.

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Security Reminders

  • Always notice and return a visitor who is without a badge that is clearly visible. WALK them to the office. Radio office and or me to let me know of the visitor.
  • Remember Call 4 on your phone...connects you to the entire PA system. Use to identify danger or alert of danger.
  • ALL classroom doors MUST be locked! Your door does not have to be shut, however the lock must be engaged. Magnets or door tape cover is fine, just be able to remove and lock down in seconds.
  • Have a window cover on the ready!
  • Always check that doors to outside world are shut and lock is engaged.
  • Remind students that they NEVER let any person into the building..not even me! They must ask you to let any staff member in...NO strangers!


The IDOE has partnered with NBC Learn. The school registration is done for you. Excellent for building background knowledge!

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Glenda Welcomes Us Back To School...a very different message than old Tony.

Supt. Ritz 2013 Welcome Back